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“Mariah Carey’s Love Life: A Closer Look at Why Fans Believe She’s Single Again”

The self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas, Mariah Carey, might be spending the holidays alone, at least that’s what her fans have surmised.

Bryan Tanaka, a backup dancer, and the singer of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” have been dating since 2016 (with a short gap in 2017). But in November, there were whispers circulating that Carey was once again unmarried.

Tanaka has long been a part of Carey’s performances, but on Wednesday, Nov. 15, at her Merry Christmas One and All! show in Highland, Calif., he was conspicuously missing. Fans also observed that Carey seemed strangely devoid of holiday cheer.

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“Amazing looks, voice, but something on the inside ain’t right,” commented another Instagram user. Her expression says it all. I hope she overcomes whatever it is.”

Another person posted on X (previously Twitter) and said, “I’m frightened. Even in interviews, she seems so polished that it’s as if she’s not there.”

“She just had a heartbreak from her (cordial) breakup with Bryan,” retorted another X user. She is currently depressed.”

For months, Carey and Tanaka have remained conspicuously silent on social media. Actually, Carey posted her boyfriend’s picture on social media the last time it was updated in December 2022.

The image of her and Tanaka smiling lovingly was posted on Dec. 26 on Instagram. She wrote, “Happy Boxing Day! ❄️?❤️ (Every day is a celebration! ???).” as the caption.


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Tanaka and Carey shared their most recent Instagram photo in March. “One of my favorite photos is this one. Never. Greetings on your anniversary, lovely queen. “?3/27?❤️,” he penned.

Furthermore, Tanaka hasn’t updated her Instagram account since June.

Regarding the breakup rumors, what are your thoughts?

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