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Travis Kelce’s Journey: Overcoming a Car Accident and Losing His License at 17

Travis Kelce is remembering a terrifying incident that happened when he was a teenager.

In the most recent installment of his and brother Jason Kelce’s sports podcast, New Heights, which was made available on Wednesday, January 3, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs recalled a perilous car accident in which he was engaged and which led to the suspension of his driver’s license at the age of 17.

While talking about their adolescence and their activities 17 years prior, the NFL star siblings Jason, 36, called it “nuts” because he was a “freshman in college,” to which Travis, 34, said, “I had just gotten my drivers’ license suspended by the state of Ohio.”

The Catching Kelce alum revealed he had totaled his “hand-me-down Dodge Caravan” from his older brother. It was a purple van with a silver back door that he called the “Purple Dragon.” The revelation caused the two to break into laughing.

Following that, “a couple months after that, flying around with a couple guys from the football team,” he began “swerving in and out of traffic” in “hit three parked cars.”

In addition to admitting his mistakes from his youth and saying he “put everyone’s life in danger,” Travis urged children to buckle up. He admonished, “Be a better kid than me.”

“However, I’m relieved that I survived and that the guys’ cars I hit didn’t sustain too much damage, so the insurance cost wasn’t too high. However, I did lose my license as a result of this. About the event, the professional football player continued, “I placed everyone’s life in jeopardy, so justifiably so.

He went on, “Kids, wear your seat belt… don’t do this, this was very dumb and I’m very glad everyone came out okay, it was lucky.”

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