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Top 5 Video Editing AI Tools In 2023

You must be able to edit if you wish to create video material. you used to, at least. You can get by with just a few clicks if you use some of the most advanced artificial intelligence video editing tools. With only a press of a button, some of the greatest AI video editors can create your material for you or repackage it for other platforms.

The best AI video editing suites available right now can help you out and speed up your editing. You’ll still need to record the material yourself (most of the time), and there’s no alternative for a decent human-driven edit.

Adobe Premiere Pro

AI technologies are now available in one of the most well-known digital video editing programs. AI color matching in Adobe Premiere Pro helps to harmonize the color tones of several shots; Auto Reframe, which in a matter of clicks transforms videos from horizontal to vertical by automatically identifying the focus point; When using Content Aware Fill, unwanted information are automatically removed from scenes and replaced with plausible scene extensions; when listening to talk or other relevant sounds, audio ducking automatically decreases the loudness of music and background noise; Both a scene edit recognition tool and Morph Cut, which automatically smooths transitions between scenes, can automatically cut up larger videos for you.

Advanced video editing software is available in Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s now simpler than ever to utilize using these AI tools. You can test them out for free or subscribe to Premiere Pro for $20 per month to use them.

KeyFrames Studio

Do you need assistance creating shorter-form content that is better suited for social media? An online video editor called KeyFrames Studio has a number of AI capabilities that can automatically cut up your videos to highlight their best parts. It can cut long films into smaller pieces to concentrate on the more fascinating parts, automatically add subtitles, or crop to the size of a phone screen.

That isn’t limited to creating videos for your YouTube channel. Had a drawn-out Zoom call to walk new hires about how everything works? For simpler instruction during the subsequent onboarding, use KeyFrames Studio to reduce the movie to its essential components.

KeyFrames Studio can be used for manual video editing as well. Although it lacks some of the more advanced features of conventional video editors, it still offers a multi-track timeline, easy access to stock video and audio, stickers, subtitles, and other on-screen elements.

If you don’t mind having a watermark on your output, you can use the editor for free; otherwise, you’ll need to pay a monthly charge for full access. Each tier has a monthly usage cap on the amount of AI generation and automatic subtitling, starting at $9 per month (paid annually).


Another AI tool called Munch aims to provide comprehensive marketing and SEO assistance along with simpler video editing. It takes your longer-form movies and cuts them for social media and mobile viewing, but it can also add clever transitions between different videos and enhance the video’s color and contrast.

But Munch does more than just produce the videos. It also wants to assist you in marketing them. Its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms assess your video footage and automatically make suggestions for editing and social media marketing. After that, the AI may create social media posts to promote the material, making it simpler to market your films and increase viewership.

But all of it does have a cost. Using Munch costs $50 per month for 200 upload minutes of video., another company that creates short-form content, takes longer footage and knows just how to resize them for social media attention spans and smartphone screens. But that’s not all. AI can also be used by Pictory to create wholly original videos. Give it a script, essay, or blog post, and it can convert the written text into a movie with a few clicks using stock footage, music, and an AI-generated voiceover.

With support for many languages, it can also automatically add subtitles to videos. If you wish to convert videos into text, it can also transcribe them. You don’t need a strong PC to run it all because it runs in the cloud, and there is a free trial to show you what it can accomplish. The starting price for the editor is $19 per month (paid annually).


Vimeo One Take

By including it in the whole creation process, Vimeo’s new AI tools raise the bar for AI video editing. Based on a prompt and a few parameters you provide, Vimeo’s One Take can create a script for you. After that, it populates a teleprompter with your clear script and performance tips so you can get a terrific take the first time (or at least the second or third).

The video can then be edited using One Take, with the AI erasing any stops or hesitations. Additionally, it will identify pointless filler words and enable their simple, automated removal.

Additionally, One Take will make brand administration, SEO, and content distribution simpler. The fact that it is not yet available is the single drawback to everything. However, it will arrive in the summer of 2023, so keep an eye out.

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