“50 Cent’s Mic-Throwing Case: The Latest Update on the Rapper’s Legal Battle”

According to TMZ, 50 Cent escaped prosecution after hurling a microphone off stage and perhaps hitting a concertgoer.

Fans caught video of the 48-year-old rapper tossing two malfunctioning mics off the stage to the crew, who was standing close to the audience, during the August Crypto.com Arena performance. Although the microphone landing site was not visible in the video, images of Bryhana Monegain, host of POWER 106 radio, the purported victim, appeared.

Monegain reported the assault to the police after suffering multiple head and facial lacerations. The L.A. County District Attorney was then presented with the case as a felony. But according to TMZ, the D.A.’s office subsequently forwarded the matter to the L.A. City Attorney’s office.

The City Attorney’s office informed the outlet that no criminal charges had been brought against the rapper since that time.

When PEOPLE requested more details on Friday, representatives for 50 Cent and the L.A. City Attorney’s office did not immediately reply.

The case will be open for a year from the date of the Aug. 30 incident, notwithstanding its current status. If there were to be any further incidences involving the rapper and Bryhana, 50 Cent might still be charged with a crime.

Rapper YG was the guest of the “In da Club” musician, who was allegedly given a microphone during the performance that wasn’t working. He threw the microphone to the audience’s left.

Another microphone that turned out to be defective was subsequently given to the hip-hop artist, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III. Then, he seemed to use more power and hurled the second microphone off stage farther away from the edge of the stage than he had the first.

After receiving a functional microphone, the rapper known as “Many Men” returned to the stage to perform with 33-year-old YG.

One of the sources told PEOPLE following the incident that “this is an unfortunate isolated incident where someone was in a restricted area they should not have been.”

Scott Leemon, 50 Cent’s lawyer, refuted the incident’s intentionality at the time.

In a statement, Leemon told PEOPLE, “Let’s be very clear, as I told LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone.” “Anyone saying something different doesn’t have all the facts and is misinformed.”

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of his Grammy-nominated debut studio album Get Rich or Die Tryin’, 50 Cent is presently touring the country with The Final Lap Tour. The European leg of the tour began in Amsterdam on September 28. The rapper from “21 Questions” will eventually end the tour on December 14 in Auckland, New Zealand.

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