Alabama Barker Fans Speechless After Watch her Revealing Dress Video

The video that Alabama Barker posted of herself dancing while wearing a skimpy outfit went viral, garnering praise and criticism from both quarters.

Alabama can be seen lip-syncing to “Lovin’ On Me” by Jack Harlow in the video. She is dressed in a brown print dress with low-cut sleeves and a plunging neckline.

Fans and reviewers alike were drawn to the video right away.

Soon after, admirers praised Alabama’s attractiveness and commended her self-assurance in displaying her natural curves.

But some might have been more taken aback.

“Daddy Trav get ur daughter” and “Parent fail” were among the remarks made by several fans in response to Travis Barker’s young daughter’s provocative video upload.

Alabama revealing dress

Alabama Barker donned a brown dress with low neckline and thin straps in a recent video. Some remarked she had a lovely, self-assured appearance and that they loved her style.

Some others felt that her clothing was inappropriate for her age and revealed too much skin. Individuals differ in their perceptions of what constitutes appropriate attire, and this is normal.

This circumstance raises the question of how young people in places like Alabama decide to express themselves and deal with the opinions of others.

Conversations can occasionally center around someone’s outfit, particularly on social media.

Alabama Barker’s attire decision raised awareness of conversations concerning individuality, self-expression, and the difficulties of navigating public opinion, particularly when one is in the spotlight.

Alabama dances in a revealing dress: ‘Get Your Daughter’:

Alabama dances in a skimpy outfit and says, “Get Your Daughter.” Travis Barker came under fire from certain quarters for letting his daughter share the video on social media.

“Travis, come get your kid,” one user commented, while another asked, “Where are your parents?” and “Mother fails.”

Some went so far as to disparage her stepfamily, the Kardashians, saying they would be embarrassed of Travis for raising Alabama in such a manner.

Some, on the other hand, stood up for Alabama, arguing that she was a person and had the right to express her uniqueness, beauty, and personality.

Alabama Barker responded to criticism for her revealing dress

Alabama Barker was unfazed by the criticism and even replied to critics’ remarks on her video.

One of the posts that was critical of her caught her attention: “I am a teenager, and I am going to have fun and express myself.” You don’t know me personally, nor are you my parents.

Not all of Alabama’s family members have experienced contestation recently.

After appearing on a recording showing himself playing the cans in the delivery room while his woman watched, her father, Travis Barker, also attracted criticism.

Their son was being born to Kourtney Kardashian.

While some admirers thought it was insulting and out of place, others applauded him for incorporating his love of music into the unique occasion.

Travis Barker’s Davidson Performance

Travis posted a drumming video from the hospital where he and Kourtney Kardashian welcomed their new baby, one day after Alabama’s contentious video.

He was shown in the video rehearsing to his son’s heartbeat on a drum pad.

Some fans, meanwhile, didn’t think the video was good. When Kourtney was in labor, Travis was in the delivery room playing his drums, and they called him out for a “major parenting fail.”

Travis’s decision to bring his love of music into the delivery room drew criticism from certain followers but admiration from others.

Kourtney reshared the video, seemingly loving it.

Fans’ Reaction to Alabama Video

There’s no doubting that Alabama, despite the divergent reactions to her video, is a daring young lady with a distinct sense of style.

Kourtney Kardashian, Alabama’s stepmother, has often praised her for having “positive energy” and “good vibes.”

Naturally, Travis Barker has previously been held accountable for his views on motherhood.

The musician drew backlash just a week ago after it was reported that he was seen messing with cans in the delivery room while Kourtney probably gave birth to their first child together.

Travis and his family don’t seem to mind the review at all.

Ultimately, it’s not often that a family shares their thoughts on parenting and fashion choices in a caption.

But the Barkers are the ones who can handle the limelight, if anyone.

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