The Shocking Truth: Why Anita Baker Kicked Fans Out of Her Houston Concert

Please refrain from using your phone during Anita Baker’s performance if you want to attend one of the last dates of her anniversary tour!

During her Friday, Dec. 15 performance in Houston, the “Sweet Love” singer went so far as to have one fan taken out of the audience for the infringement after it appeared that they had gotten their camera a little too close for comfort.

Naturally, several attendees in the crowd recorded the entire event from multiple perspectives, and the resulting films have been shared on social media.

In one TikTok video, the singer cut herself off during “Feel the Need,” changing the words in the process—and “chaotically,” as several viewers noted—to ask the folks in front of her to stop filming and give her a little room.

“Late at night, early in the morning, baby,” she sung, going on, “Switch off the camera, baby; I have no idea who you are, please move back!” “Get ’em back, I don’t know who that is,” she went on.

She repeatedly shouted for security in another video, finally asking the crew to “help them out.” “And I mean out of my front row,” she added.

She posted on Twitter over the weekend, seemingly in response to the widely shared excerpts, stating that her tour “is a Record Breaking SOLD OUT, Success.”

After that, she wrote, “Lyrics🎼 I’m as petty, as you are #AnitaBaker,” quoting Beyoncé’s song “Heated”.

She asked, “When they realize, they can’t Stop Your Blessings? ” in the same tweet.They just tell lies. As in, Screenshots of Liability🤣? Are Forever.

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