Are Aurora Perrineau’s Parents Belong To The Entertainment Industry

Born to prominent performers in the business, Harold and Brittany Perrineau, Aurora Perrineau is an American actress.

Harold, Aurora’s father, is well-known for his memorable parts in a number of movies, including The Matrix Reloaded, Romeo + Juliet, Your Name Here, and The Best Man Holiday. His television credits also include popular shows like Claws, Oz, and Lost, to mention a few.

In a similar vein, her mother Brittany is a successful actress who has starred in numerous films, including Felon and Saving Face.

In terms of her ancestry, Aurora was mixed-race; her mother was German, English, Irish, and Haitian, while her father was African-American or African-Haitian.

Through her sincere social media posts, the actress makes it seem as though she has a close and loving relationship with her parents. She shared a picture of herself and her father from their early years on August 7, 2022, in honor of his birthday.

Aurora wrote a birthday note to her father that went along with it, thanking him for being her best friend and father as well as for his everlasting support and acceptance of her dramatic personality. “I love you to the moon and back,” she wrote as her final statement on the post.

One social media user responded, “Your dad is the coolest!” after seeing the post. You are equally awesome, too! Someone else said, “This is just too sweet.”

Similarly, on September 27, 2022, the actress shared a photo from her past with her mother and wrote the sweet message, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama!!!!” Let’s toast to a lifetime of friendship and perpetual confusion as Leah’s mother. I cherish you.

Aurora has a very particular bond with her grandmother in addition to her close relationship with her parents. She posted a sweet photo of herself holding her grandmother on November 1, 2023, with the simple remark, “Happy birthday, Grandmother.” My dear, chickadee.

Her grandma wrote a heartfelt remark on the photo, stating, “It’s always a pleasure to spend time with my oldest granddaughter.” Reflecting on their special times together, “Our time in Spain was such an amazing experience.”

Aurora Perrineau grew up with two siblings

Holiday Perrineau and Wynter Perrineau are Aurora’s two younger sisters. Her sisters are currently in their adolescent years and are both committed to continuing their education while they develop and learn.

The actress has been posting photos of her siblings on Instagram a lot, giving fans a peek into their strong bond. For example, she shared a photo of herself and Wynter on May 8, 2023, in honor of her sister’s birthday.

“Happy birthday to the coolest person I know!!!!” she said in the post. “I love you, Wyns,” with a black heart emoji next to it.

Aurora Perrineau has a close relationship with both of her siblings.

Numerous admirers and followers of Aurora left heartfelt comments in reaction to the post. “Aw, your beautiful sisters,” remarked one person, and “literally the coolest,” added another.

On May 14, 2023, the actress also shared a photo of herself with her mother and sisters in honor of Mother’s Day. She thanked her sisters with an emotional caption, mentioning how fortunate they are to have such a wonderful mother.

Inside Aurora Perrineau’s dating life

As of right now, Aurora is linked to Michael Vlamis. When Vlamis shared their first photo together on Instagram on June 30, 2020, the couple announced their relationship to the world. The caption for the picture, which shows him clinging to her, quips, “HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE!”

In a similar vein, Vlamis formally acknowledged the start of their relationship in another Instagram post, tying it to March 30, 2020, and nostalgically recalling their special first encounter.

“I knew I was in trouble from the moment she bounced off the curb holding two mason jars full of tequila,” he said with a laugh.

He continued by calling Aurora endearing, clever, humorous, and effortlessly cool. Vlamis even said that he was enthralled with her charm and wit and that he laughed at her dad jokes for two hours nonstop.

One individual commented on the article with best wishes, stating, “I pray that the happiness you have discovered stays with you both. While one delighted user wrote, “May it be forever fun,” another said, “Omg, this sounds like magic!”

Michael Vlamis and Aurora Perrineau have been dating for three years.

However, Aurora has also posted a ton of photos to her Instagram account with her lover. The actress most recently enjoyed a memorable and enjoyable occasion with Vlamis on March 31, 2023, commemorating three years of their journey together.

She thanked him for unique moments like sharing mason jar-filled tequila, going on endless trips, and even lending a hand with heavy lifting during furniture moves in her endearing message.

With a humorous “Here’s to me not killing you anytime soon,” she bid farewell, capturing their enduring bond and sense of humor.

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