‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9: Where Are They Now? An In-Depth Look at the Final Couples’ Relationship Status

Despite the drama-filled ninth season of Bachelor in Paradise, three couples emerged victorious over the others.

When they first met at the beach in Mexico, Aven Jones and Kylee Russell clicked right away, and it seemed like that connection persisted when the season finale aired on Thursday, December 7.

But when it came down to making the hard choices, the two had different plans for their relationship’s future. Aven, 30, wanted to spend more time with Kylee, 26, outside of the Bachelor Nation bubble before proposing. Kylee, 26, was eager for an engagement.

“Why is it that the only way to make you think that I see a future with you is through an engagement, specifically?” Aven asked Kylee in an open discussion. For her part, Kylee didn’t understand why they weren’t “on the same page” about getting engaged when she had made it obvious that Aven was “The One” for her.

Aven retaliated, saying he felt like they were in a great place and that he had “never been happier” in a relationship. Even now, Kylee’s “energy shift” was apparent.

“I’m doing my best to take into account how she’s feeling because this is the first time in a long time that I’ve been really, really sure about somebody.” Aven said in his confessional, “I know that she wants an engagement out of this, but if I were to do that and things didn’t work out, I would regret it for the rest of my life. As much as I like the idea of Paradise, I can’t help but think of how changing the same dynamics would be in the real world. I’m not capable of that.

After agreeing that they didn’t want to “lose” each other after a disagreement, Aven and Kylee walked off the beach together but without getting engaged.

Regarding the state of their relationship, Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant, a fellow season 9 pair, received less inquiries. After declaring their love for one another and going on an overnight date, the couple departed Paradise engaged.

Aaron, 30, stated in the epilogue, “I definitely could see myself spending the rest of my life with Eliza.” “The giving never ends.”

John Henry Spurlock and Kat Izzo joined them as the season’s second engaged couple.

John Henry, 31, and Kat, 27, said, “Being with you, it feels like it’s a love that only comes once in a lifetime,” prior to his proposal. “John Henry, please know that I adore you and I hope to do so forever.”

After leaving the beach, did these three couples continue to remain together? For a status update on each duo, continue scrolling:

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell

The words “Kylee’s patience paid off, and she and Aven have blossomed as a couple” appeared on the screen as endearing pictures of the couple appeared during the Thursday night conclusion. “From now on, it’s just [fire emoji] and nothing else.”

On Saturday, December 9, Kylee declared that she had found “multiple infidelities” and that they were no longer together. Aven didn’t reply to her right away. Us Weekly requested a statement.

Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant

According to their status post, “Aaron and Eliza’s engagement has hit some speed bumps since they left the beach.” “They are actively attempting to mend things and work on their relationship.”

John Henry Spurlock and Kat Izzo

The couple’s onscreen update states that they “remain happily engaged.” “They’re relocating to San Diego and intend to lead fulfilling lives together.”

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