“Bachelor in Paradise Season 9: A Jaw-Dropping Rose Ceremony Surprise Leaves a Rose Abandoned on the Table”

Blake Moynes decided not to pursue a relationship with Jess Girod on Thursday’s Bachelor in Paradise, following Katie Thurston’s arrival in Mexico.

With reference to his 32-year-old ex-fiance, Blake, 32, told Jess, 24, that “we were able to accomplish so much more” despite having far less time together.

Blake thought their relationship had been “kind of going in circles” with Jess. Blake went on, “Everything’s pointing to the fact that as much as we want this to work, it won’t.”

By this point in the program, Jess acknowledged that she wanted to be “hopelessly in love,” but she wasn’t feeling that way about Blake. She told Blake, “I thought things would look different.” “I’m not at where that is.”

Blake’s appraisal of their relationship contained “truth,” which Jess accepted, and they decided to break up.

In an interview with cameras, Jess stated, “He was all in and I wasn’t.”

Blake then made the decision to go from Paradise, but Kylee Russell pursued him.

“It seems like you’re giving up too quickly,” 25-year-old Kylee stated to Blake.

Blake wasn’t convinced. He told Kylee, “I know when something’s not working.”

Blake felt defeated and kept walking away. He said to the cameras, “At this point, I just feel like I’ve tried it all.” “I made three unsuccessful attempts at it.”


Mercedes Northup was curious about her status with Tyler Norris when a note casting doubt on their relationship appeared in the Truth Box.
“With each other, we haven’t gotten deeper,” Mercedes, 25, stated to Tyler, 27. “There’s hardly any depth at all. You don’t seem to be making an effort to become close to me.
Mercedes claimed to have heard that one of the reasons he wasn’t interested in pursuing a serious relationship with her was the potential of being in a long-distance relationship outside of Mexico. Tyler said, “It was something I was scared of for sure.”
Mercedes questioned if Tyler felt the same way about her after he claimed he wanted to go with someone with whom he felt a “spark.” “It was my intention to determine whether that spark would eventually emerge when I gave you the last rose,” he stated.

Mercedes informed Tyler that she didn’t want to give him her rose because she thought that was “a bad sign” of their relationship. “If there’s no spark, I feel used,” she remarked.

While this was going on, Rachel Recchia was interested in getting to know Jordan Vandergriff, but he seemed more like a buddy.

“Is there a romantic side there for me?” 28-year-old Jordan questioned the group. “I’m not sure if I can regain those romantic feelings,”
Jordan showed interest in Mercedes, but Mercedes wasn’t sure who she wanted to give her rose to, even after their chat.
Tanner Courtad, Taylor Pegg, and Brayden Bowers all made an effort to get close to the recently single Jess. While Tanner, 30, raved to Jess about how he saw her dedication to Blake as a “green flag,” Brayden, 24, offered her chocolate.

Jess told Tanner, “I do want to get to know you,” and she said that she was feeling “so weird” following her separation with Blake.
It seemed to Tanner that he had a chance. He remarked, “Maybe just your openness makes me want to stay here.”


Aaron Bryant received Eliza Isichei’s rose at the start of the rose ceremony. After that, Olivia Lewis gave her rose to Michael Barbour, Kat Izzo gave hers to John Henry Spurlock, and Kylee gave hers to Aven Jones.
After Sam Picco gave her rose to Peter Cappio and Jess chose to give it to Tanner, Taylor stumbled forward to greet Tanner when he heard his name. Jess apologized profusely to Taylor.
In the end, Mercedes gave her rose to Jordan. Rachel, 27, left, claiming she needed a second, before she could say who she wanted to receive her rose.

Upon being contacted by host Jesse Palmer, Rachel expressed the possibility of having to leave.
The former Bachelorette then came back to the group to bid them farewell.

Rachel said to the cameras, “I really had no expectations when I came into Paradise.” “And even though I made mistakes, I discovered so much more about who I am.”
Jesse, 45, told the group that Taylor and Brayden had to pack their bags and go home because Rachel had forfeited her rose by leaving.

ABC will broadcast the season 9 finale of Bachelor in Paradise on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET.

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