The Best Christmas Films on Netflix to Watch Now”

Christmas is a time for festive cheer, eating more food than the human body can scientifically consume, and vegging on the sofa for two to ten hours at a time.

Netflix has a plethora of holiday films at your disposal, both true Christmas classics and recent additions to the canon that give us that same warm, cosy feeling.

Here are the top ten Christmas films available on Netflix right now.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

Jim Carrey is at his best when he gets to play a little freak, and there is no greater freak than The Grinch, who lords over the other small freaks in Whoville with contempt and venom. This green man goes on an anti-Christmas rampage, burning down the village Christmas tree and stomping out all kind of seasonal pleasure. But, as this is a children’s film, his heart eventually warms and all the small freaks accept this giant freak into their hearts, and vice versa. It was a Christmas miracle. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is available on Netflix.

The Holiday (2006)

Look, The Holiday is getting the Love Actually treatment, which means we’re all on the fence about whether it’s good or horrible. Sure, the plot is ridiculous, and some of the main characters’ acting is questionable, but they will never make me despise you, The Holiday. It follows Cameron Diaz’s Amanda and Kate Winslet’s Iris as they house switch between LA and Surrey over Christmas. They find love and happiness in their respective rentals. Classic rom-com business completed. Whatever anyone says, The Holiday is great. It’s schmaltzy, corny, and comfortable, with a terrific non-BWAAAAM score by Hans Zimmer that makes you believe anything is possible. The Holiday is available on Netflix.

Single All the Way (2021)

Every streamer requires a collection of corny Christmas films that will leave you with no teeth by the time the big day arrives. There are many (of various quality) on Netflix, but Single All the Way is one of the greatest, if not the best. The video follows eternally single Peter as he persuades his closest buddy Nick to act as his boyfriend on a journey home for the holidays, marking the streamer’s first homosexual Christmas film. There are no awards for predicting what occurs next. Of course, a rogue hottie is brought in to show Peter and Nick who they truly adore – that’s how rom-coms work. Single All the Way is a pack of chocolate coins that you can’t help but appreciate when it comes to Christmas movie munching. Single All the Way is available on Netflix.

Klaus (2019)

Klaus is a late addition to the Christmas animated film canon, and it was mostly forgotten when it was first released in 2019. This odd-couple comedy about a disgruntled postman and a recluse toymaker who wind up on a mission to deliver toys to their chilly and dismal village is made up of stunning hand-drawn animation. If you haven’t already seen Klaus, put it on your Christmas list this year since it will remind you of how fantastic fresh Christmas stories and cartoons can be. Klaus is available on Netflix.

Spencer (2021)

There is no single Christmas experience. Perhaps you despise travelling home over the holidays. Maybe the notion of spending the holidays with your in-laws makes you nervous. Perhaps the prospect of lengthy group hang time makes you want to yank a pearl string from your neck. If so, Spencer is your Christmas film. The film follows Kristen Stewart’s Princess Diana as she spends Christmas with the Royal Family at Sandringham. Diana eschews her obligations and achieves some control of her autonomy against the backdrop of the festive season, despite the weight of expectation and the chilly relationship between her husband and the rest of the royals. Not a cheerful one, but that may be your Christmas vibe. Spencer is available on Netflix.

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