Bhad Bhabie Reveals Huge Monthly OnlyFans Earnings

Rapper Bhad Bhabie showed out a monthly breakdown of her OnlyFans profits in a post that she uploaded on her Instagram Stories.

Six days after turning eighteen in 2021, Bhad Bhabie—real name Danielle Bregoli—joined OnlyFans and quickly amassed a sizable following. She claimed to have made an incredible $18 million in her first month on the app in a screenshot. Even though it was much lower in May ($6.7 million compared to the previous month), she was still profitable from her OnlyFans membership. Although the amount had dropped to less than $1 million by November, she had still earned nearly $38.6 million before taxes in less than a year.

Bhad Bhabi continues to operate on OnlyFans, charging prospective members $23.99 a month. She revealed an email she got in May from someone who discovered their lover had subscribed to her OnlyFans. She wrote, “Tell him thanks for the Birkin,” with the email screenshot attached.

Although Bhad Bhabie is obviously profiting easily from the platform, she hinted last year that she wasn’t quite satisfied with how things had worked out.

When she started her OnlyFans after turning 18, was questioned if people subscribed “right away” in a December 2022 interview on Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley. After confirming this, Bhabie was questioned if she believed those individuals need to “be in jail.” With a shrug, she said, “Yes.”

Bhqbie responded, “It’s a surprise,” when asked what kind of stuff she shared on OnlyFans. She also mentioned that the majority of her revenue from the network came from direct messages. “I feel like they’re 20 to 40 years old, probably like a white man who’s married with like six kids—definitely has a daughter my age,” she said.

Bhabie admitted earlier this year that she doesn’t give her content much thought in an interview with Rolling Stone. She remarked, “I get new lingerie or bathing suits and take some pictures.” “I just do whatever I be feeling.”

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