Big Brother Crowns Its First-Ever Sikh Winner, Makes History for Third Year in a Row

The Big Brother winner is going into the show’s history for the third year in a row.

Over the course of the record-breaking 100-day season, Jag Bains, a 25-year-old truck company owner from Washington, defeated Matt Klotz, a 27-year-old Deaflympic swimmer from Louisiana, and Bowie Jane Ball, a 46-year-old Australian DJ and attorney.

Bains is the first Sikh-American houseguest to win the American edition of the international series after being the first Sikh-American to enter the Big Brother house in the United States.

Bains declared himself “on top of the world” following his 5-2 victory over Klotz, stating, “This has been the greatest experience of my life.”

“Achieving victory while maintaining integrity and loyalty throughout was my goal,” Bains declared to host Julie Chen-Moonves at the conclusion of the show.

As of right now, Bains is the third Big Brother winner in a row to achieve historical significance. As the first Black player to win the game in 2021, Xavier Prather was first. Taylor Hale, the first Black woman to win in 2022, came in after him.
This season, the 2023 winner made history on the show as well by becoming the first to win seven Power of Veto competitions in a single season.

Week 4 saw Bains on the verge of elimination from the competition, but Klotz’s victory in the Power of Invincibility that week kept him alive. Cameron Hardin, a 34-year-old stay-at-home father, praised Bains’ fortitude at the Jury Roundtable.

Hardin said to his other jurors, “The fact that he left, came back in, and he’s got an opportunity to win this entire game on the back of all of the people who voted him out.” “That presents him as an amazing competitor.”

Jains, Jag. For the majority of the match, Klotz and CBS Bains were in sync. The two adopted the moniker “The Minutemen” on Day 38, drawing inspiration from Big Brother 16’s “The Hitmen” team of Derrick Levasseur and Cody Calafiore.

Week 10 saw the formation of “The Mafia,” an alliance between Bains, Klotz, and Ball. With the exception of the Double Veto in Week 11, when brand strategist Blue Kim, 25, took home one of the two Golden Power of Veto necklaces, the trio went on to win almost every challenge that was still open in the game.

The Mafia dominated the battle and easily advanced to Thursday night’s finale, eliminating all of their strongest opponents, including Survivor great Cirie Fields, who finished fifth.

In the season’s final Head of Household competition, which consisted of three parts, Klotz emerged victorious in the first part, but Bains managed to win parts two and three consecutively. In the end, Bains decided to challenge his longtime partner Klotz to a final two against Ball, the first Australian to compete on the American competition.

Bains stressed in his farewell address how important he was to each and every eviction.

In his closing remarks, he boldly declared, “My hands are covered in your blood,” before pleading with the jury to return their verdict to him.

“In this home, I am the most formidable, skillful, and cunning player. Bains said, “I have earned this triumph; I don’t just deserve to win. In addition to being the first Sikh contestant on Big Brother, you all must choose wisely this evening in order for me to become the show’s first Sikh winner. I have earned it at every turn, and it is the correct thing to do.

In the end, Bains was awarded the $750,000 main prize by the judges, while Klotz was given $75,000 for coming in second.

CBS aired Big Brother season 25.

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