The Shocking Revelation: Brandi Mallory’s Demise Attributed to Obesity-Related Complications

The reason behind Brandi Mallory’s passing has been disclosed.

The former Extreme Weight Loss participant passed away from obesity-related issues, according to the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s final autopsy report, which was made public on Tuesday.

The mode of death is similarly listed in the paper as “natural.” The autopsy report states that there was “no evidence of significant recent injury” and that there was no evidence of foul play during the investigation. The medical examiner states that although the report mentions that she had traces of alcohol and marijuana in her system, they had no bearing on her demise.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, Mallory was last observed driving to a nearby Chipotle on November 8 at 5:53 p.m. She went inside the restaurant, took her food to her car, but never got out.

According to the documents, the proprietor of a nearby deli reported to police that the next morning, he saw a lone vehicle in the parking lot and saw that a woman seemed to be sleeping inside. A few hours later, the man apparently realised the car was still there and the woman inside “did not look alert, conscious or breathing,” which alarmed him to the point where he contacted 911.
The former reality star passed away on November 9 at the age of 40 after being discovered in the automobile, as the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office had previously confirmed to PEOPLE.

On November 20, near Stone Mountain, Georgia, friends and family came together to say their final goodbyes to the celebrity.

Her buddy posted on Facebook, saying, “You have given us all 40 years of fabulous through fit, fun, laughter, and your captivating personality.” “You were so adored, baby girl, and your line sisters came to say we adore you, Brandi. God, however, loves you the most!”

On November 19, there was a public viewing, and on November 20, the funeral was held in the Tucker, Georgia, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mallory was laid to rest in Stone Mountain, Georgia’s Melwood Cemetery.

Chris Powell, the presenter and former Extreme Weight Loss trainer, told PEOPLE that Mallory was “a bright, shining light for everybody around her,” recalling how he became close to the former reality star while they were both on the show.

Powell, 45, exclaimed on social media how much Mallory, a dance instructor who advocated for body positivity on social media, impacted others before she passed away and how “you could feel how free she was.”

“That chick had dance moves. And she consistently added that enthusiasm to everything we did,” he remarked. She took the body positivity movement by storm. She was really honest about her challenges with her weight and other issues, which made it fantastic, but you could also sense how liberated she felt to simply go out there and totally express herself. And that in turn encouraged a great number of others to join the movement of accepting, embracing, and appreciating their bodies.

Powell continued, “I just loved it because she became a symbol for that for so many people.”

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