Who is the Stalker? Know More About Burning Betrayal Ending.

As “Burning Betrayal,” a sensual thriller on Netflix, comes to a close, Bárbara “Babi” Nucci learns who the stalker who has been attempting to kill her is. When Babi finds out that Marco Ladeia is married, their relationship becomes difficult, putting her life in danger. Her best buddy Thiago tells him to keep away from her when she decides to discontinue her relationship with him. Then, Thiago reappears in the lives of Babi’s former partner, Caio Laruzi Sampaio. The captivating Brazilian movie closes with a touching coda to Babi and Marco’s charming story and some shocking disclosures. We’ve entered the film’s finale, impacted by the same. Here are our opinions about it! Ahead: SPOILERS.

Burning Betrayal Plot Synopsis

The beginning of “Burning Betrayal” shows Babi and Caio getting ready for their nuptials. They become involved in the preliminary trial of a money laundering case connected to their construction company while the plans for the major event are being finalized. In their testimony, Caio and Thiago, their chief accountant and Babi’s closest buddy, claim that their business has never engaged in any fraudulent activities. Babi’s friends host a bachelorette party for the future bride before the wedding. Babi opens her gifts during the celebration, one of which is a box from a covert admirer. Opening the same, she finds pictures of Caio having sex with another lady.

Babi breaks up with Caio after finding out about his extramarital affair. She enters his office with her buddies and demolishes the space because she wants to find out who his lover is. Babi receives a call from Marco Ladeia, the trial’s presiding judge, alerting her to the fact that she left a folder behind in the courtroom. When Baby goes back to the courtroom to fetch the folder, he makes friends with the judge. She meets Caio after their meeting, who has been waiting for her to break the news to her that he would no longer be seeing his secret lover. After dismissing him, Babi and Marco end up sharing a drink. The judge bids Babi farewell in terror after noticing a woman at the bar, despite the fact that their accidental date initially goes well.

Babi makes the decision to do everything she wouldn’t have done with Caio in order to enjoy being free of him. She initially joins a motorcycle club and goes on a retreat with other riders. Marco is one of the riders, as she quickly finds out. They meet together on the retreat and ultimately have sex. An unidentified individual records a video of them having intercourse and emails it to her. After coming back from the retreat, Babi sees the video and wonders if Thiago is the one behind it, especially because he’s expressed to her that he’s game for a sexual relationship.

Babi’s close friend Paty tells her that Thiago wasn’t there the day she spent with Marco. Then Babi keeps seeing Marco and they have sex. She is involved in an automobile accident on one of the days. Babi thinks it wasn’t an accident and that the driver of the automobile hit her on purpose.

Burning Betrayal Ending: Who is the Stalker? Does Thiago Die?

Thiago is the stalker that spies on Babi, emails her pictures of Caio, and eventually makes an attempt to kill her. Along with Caio, Babi’s best friend was a party to the money laundering case. Thiago and Caio have been using their business to make unlawful money without telling Babi. As Caio and Babi’s marriage draws closer, Thiago understands that Babi’s inevitable involvement in his accomplice’s life poses a threat to their illicit activities. He hopes that the couple would split up and cut off any possible connection between his best buddy and the wrongdoings Caio has committed with him, which is why he sends Babi the pictures of Caio.

However, Babi finds information that implicates Caio in the money laundering case, thus Thiago’s plans become insufficient. Thiago understands that she will find him as a result of her attempts to discover Caio’s secrets. He therefore chooses to use a video he records of her having an intimate relationship with Marco to frighten her. However, Babi seems not only unfrightened by the video, but it actually seems to encourage her to continue looking for the truth about the money laundering case. As she goes to give Marco the proof, Thiago buys her some time by asking her to have their own attorneys review what she has.

Thiago is persuaded that Caio is nothing more than a threat by Babi’s eagerness to have the latter executed. He does not want her to help the authorities solve the crime because doing so will put him in jail. Thiago, a criminal with avarice and ambition, is determined to hold onto the wealth he has amassed over the years, even if it means that his closest friend’s death would inevitably bring about his own. At that point, he tries to kill her by running a car over her motorcycle. Once again, his efforts backfire as Marco decides to uncover the incident’s real cause and Babi survives the collision. So, in order to kill Babi, Thiago kidnaps her.

Babi’s conviction that she was the target of a deliberate attempt on her life leads to Thiago’s execution. Marco thinks Thiago is a suspect after hearing the same thing, which helps him find Thiago when he kidnaps Babi. Marco arrives at the scene to save his partner while Thiago attempts to murder her. The judge tells the stalker that even though he fights the couple, he doesn’t anticipate seeing police officers there. Thiago is eventually killed by one of the cops, ending his threat and avarice.

Do Babi and Marco End Up Together?

Indeed, Babi and Marco do end up dating. Even though their bond is growing, Babi finds out that Marco is married—his wife Paula is the one who made this revelation. Babi believes the judge has been unfaithful to her, but he quickly tells her otherwise. Although Marco and Paula are legally married, their protracted separation indicates that he hasn’t been betraying Babi. Since getting married to Marco, Paula has struggled greatly with her mental health. When she is pregnant, the same becomes worse. Paula was unable to care for the infant when Marco welcomed their daughter.

The daughter of Marco and Paula has been afflicted with Emanuel syndrome, a condition that impairs her development and growth. The child was admitted to the hospital as a result of the same. Marco was frightened when Paula tried to flee the hospital with her infant one day in the past. Not only did he obtain a restraining order against her, but he also expressed to her his desire for a divorce. Marco did everything in his power to help Paula, but the judge decided that his daughter’s safety came first, so he filed for divorce.

In the last phases of the proceedings, Marco meets Babi, which enables him to bond with the latter. Babi discovers this and understands that Marco hasn’t done anything wrong for her to hold her against him. After the girl’s physicians give their approval, they get back together as a couple and welcome his daughter into their family. Babi has someone reliable in Marco. She values their time together since she doesn’t want to lose such a man for the sake of an excused error.

Does Caio Die?

Indeed, Caio passes away. Thiago selects Caio as his accomplice in crime once more as he thinks of kidnapping and murdering Babi. In order to bury Babi, he forces her ex-boyfriend to dig a hole. Thiago gives Caio a rifle to kill Babi after transporting her to the woods, but he not only chooses against it but also makes an effort to keep her safe. Caio loved Babi, despite the fact that he had an extended relationship with another lady. He tries to save their relationship by cutting off contact with his secret lover because of this. Even with that same devotion, Caio is unable to murder Babi.

Caio saw the money laundering schemes as a risk-free means of generating income. Caio becomes frightened as Thiago brings blood to the same. He decides not to kill his ex-girlfriend in an effort to break free from the same cycle of involvement. Thiago realizes that Caio has turned into an untrustworthy partner as a result of Caio’s behavior. Then, in order to prevent Caio from working with Babi to discover the truth about his misdeeds, he murders the latter.

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