“Charli XCX Drops a Bombshell: She’s Engaged to George Daniel!”

The English artist Charli XCX happily shocked her followers by telling them that she and her partner George Daniel are engaged.

Recently, Charli XCX posted a photo of herself wearing sunglasses and flaunting her diamond engagement ring in a car on her personal Instagram account.

Soon after, the identical photo was reposted on Reddit with the caption, “Charli XCX and George Daniel engaged?” by a perceptive social media user.

Many fans and followers were shocked to learn the truth after seeing the message. Surprised! was the comment made by one person. Well done, Charli! one person commented, “Idk why, but I feel like they’d have a bomb-ass Vegas wedding,” beside a red love emoji.

On the other hand, other people had a different viewpoint. One person wrote, “I’m a longtime fan of Charli XCX and I’ve noticed that she’s become more cautious around her lately. It’s understandable given their public relationship and the fact that Charli has previously posted about getting married to him.”

“I’m gonna predict it’s a short engagement, and they get married within the next few months, and then who knows,” the commentator went on.

However, the singer hasn’t released an official announcement on her primary Instagram account, while providing an update about her engagement on her secret account.

On his social media pages, Daniel, her boyfriend, has likewise not posted any information regarding their relationship. The couple may be trying to keep their engagement as secret as possible based on their purposeful silence.

Charli XCX and George Daniel’s relationship timeline

Daniel and Charli XCX first got together to work on the song Spinning. Afterwards, when they were first spotted holding hands on a casual stroll in New York City, their love relationship came to light.

Their professional partnership grew along with their romance, and Daniel contributed to Charli XCX’s eagerly awaited upcoming album, Crash.

They contributed to the album’s tracklisting, making sure Twice came at the end, in addition to co-writing and producing the title track.

The couple used Instagram to formally announce their relationship after several months of courting. The singer posted a set of photos from a vacation with her partner in the middle of 2022, writing, “a ~ delicious ~ week ~ off ~ (sic).”


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Daniel looks happy standing next to a colorful painting of flowers, trees, cocktail glasses, and a river among the photos. In a different picture, he is seen in a peaceful woodland with a clear blue sky.

The singer also shared a humorous pair of automobile selfies on social media, in addition to solo photos that featured a topless picture in an open swimming pool and a provocative one that featured black bikini panties with the words “Holy Spirit” written on the front.

In an interview for The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre section, Charli XCX discussed her connection with her partner and said, “Now that I’m in a relationship with another musician, he’s influenced me a lot with his process and how he and his band work.” It’s really dissimilar from how I operate, and that has surely affected my creativity.”

The couple is ready to start a brand-new, exciting chapter in their love after celebrating more than a year of dating.

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