The Future of ‘Selling Sunset’: Chrishell Stause Drops Hints of Departure after Season 8

Chrishell Stause appears to be departing from Selling Sunset.

A group of agents at the upscale real estate brokerage firm Oppenheim Group in the Los Angeles area are the subject of the American reality television series Selling Sunset, which debuted on Netflix in the United States. The show follows the agents as they balance their personal and professional lives.

The first season debuted on March 21, 2019, and the seventh season was released on November 3, 2023. There are seven seasons total. Stause has been involved with the program from the start.


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She has been a vital component of the Oppenheim Group and is actually one of the key cast members of the reality TV show. But it appears that she will be departing from Selling Sunset following season 8.

In the Instagram post that she published on December 17, 2023, she made hints about it. It was a video that served as a segue from Doja Cat’s “Attention,” in which she flaunted her appearance in a robe devoid of cosmetics to a blue-purple chromo dress and extensive glam makeup.

She added, “In sweats on a plane,” in the captions. I thought I would publish in order to communicate with you all. I have some questions. “Holy smokeshow!!” was one of the many questions that many of her admirers and followers posed to her as a result. What objectives do you have for 2024?


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With a red love emoji at the end, Stause responded, “Get through one more year of filming with my sanity, and making sure every plan for after is in place so I am ready to pivot.”

People took her comment to mean that she was hinting at leaving Selling Sunset when it quickly went viral. Season 8 of the Netflix series will probably be her last if she want to continue filming it for another year.

Stause’s departure from Selling Sunset was discussed on Reddit by show viewers and Stause’s followers. Because of how she was handled on the program, many people were relieved that she was departing after season 8.

“I will miss her but I’m glad she’ll be reclaiming her peace,” a Redditor commented. That she is not choosing to extend her contract is not shocking. Another person added, “I would not have renewed my contract either after all that she had been through in the show and all the hate and criticisms she has been receiving as a result of the show.”

In the Netflix series, Stause and her profession have been the subject of a great deal of drama. After misgendering her spouse, Stause got into a fight with Marie-Lou Nurk, the ex-girlfriend of employer Jason Oppenheim, who called Stause “not being nice.”

She also had a long-standing rivalry with Amanza Smith, who had chastised her a few days after Nurk had miscarried for skipping a group dinner. Due to her already damaged relationships with Nurk and Nicole Young, Stause had announced that she would not be attending.


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The current season also prominently featured Stause’s ongoing spat with Young, which started after Young accused Stause of taking credit for real estate deals that she says she was able to achieve.

Fans therefore think Stause was abused on the show, which is why she left Selling Sunset after season 8.

Many predicted that the entire season of the show would be canceled. Since Stause has been the foundation of Selling Sunset since its first season, they pointed out that things would not be the same without him.


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After that time, I wonder if the show will be canceled. It seems as though it has already passed its prime. One Redditor wrote, “The manufactured drama is getting old…at least imo.” But many others thought that the show would go on even with Stause’s departure.

Even when it seems like it’s reached its peak, I believe it will go on. One of them surmised, “I guess the other girls will want to continue, as with Chrishelle gone they’ll all want to be the #1 girl haha. It still hits #1 on Netflix every time.

Numerous people brought up the possibility that they might film more than one season in a single year. Stause may therefore depart Season 9 or perhaps 10 rather than immediately following Season 8. “I think that a whole year of shooting is equivalent to more than one season. The last two seasons, in particular, seemed to barely span a few months apiece. In any case, she made the most of her stay, and it will be intriguing to watch what she does moving forward, a fan commented.

In the end, Stause’s supporters and admirers are merely interested in seeing what the reality TV star will do next. Stause has deleted her response to the comment that sparked this whole conversation, but she hasn’t spoken anything explicitly about leaving Selling Sunset as of the time this article was written.

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