“From Cowboys Cheerleader to Swimsuit Icon: Christie Brinkley’s Choice for SI”

Christie Brinkley is the most recent star to admire Dolly Parton – and her Dallas Cowboys cheerleading costume.

On Nov. 23, the 77-year-old “Jolene” singer broke the internet when she took the stage with her Cowboys suit at the NFL’s Thanksgiving Day game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Commanders.

Parton’s outfit, which included a crop top, star-embellished shorts, a matching minuscule vest (all in the Cowboys’ blue and white team colours), and bedazzled mesh covering her midriff, drew mixed reactions and criticism. That’s because social media users questioned whether Parton should have dressed in such a way at her age.

Brinkley, 69, is here to put the critics in their place. She demonstrated her admiration for Parton and her onstage ‘fit’ in an Instagram photo on Wednesday.

“Whoever had the audacity to suggest that the one and only Dolly Parton dress her age should take a seat!” You should know that a number cannot define an icon like Dolly Parton!” Brinkley wrote with an old photo of herself and the country singer.

Parton’s “immeasurable” attributes were enumerated by the model, including her “too numerous to count talents, her boundless good energy and effervescent humour, and her golden philanthropic heart full of love!” And the fact that she can also pull off a Dallas cheerleader uniform is both motivating and entertaining!”

Brinkley didn’t forget to mention Parton’s most recent career accomplishment: topping the Billboard charts with her 49th solo album, Rockstar, which debuted at No. 3 and has become her highest-charting album on the Billboard 200 lists.

“Way to go, girl!” I’ll keep this brief, like your killer attire, and simply say, “LOVE YOU DOLLY!”

Brinkley also mentioned another achievement she would like to see her friend achieve. “Maybe @si_swimsuit is next?” Brinkley proposed.

Whoopi Goldberg is another celebrity who has publicly supported Parton’s fashion sense.

“Seventy-seven-year-old superstar Dolly Parton stole the show on Thanksgiving at the Cowboys/Commanders game dressed as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but some critics told her to act her age,” Goldberg, a co-host, remarked on a Nov. 27 episode of The View, adding, “Bite me.”

Is there another defender in Parton’s pack? Stella Parton, her younger sister!

Stella, 74, responded to the criticism on X (previously known as Twitter), writing, “I personally thought my big sister Dolly was cute as hell in her Dallas Cowboys cheerleading costume at the Halftime show on Thanksgiving.”

“I say f— yourself to those of you who are so critical of a 77-year-old kicking up her heels.” “It’s your fault, not hers,” she continued.

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