Couple Goal – Mads Lewis and Boyfriend Hayden Yezak Got Matching Tattoos

Recently, American actress Mads Lewis and her partner Hayden Yezak received matching tattoos to represent their dedication to one another and their shared bond.

On November 10, 2023, Lewis posted a cute picture of her and her partner Yezak’s index fingers on her Instagram story. One finger had the letters “LO” adorning it, while the other had “VE” on it. The tattoos formed the word “Love,” which they skillfully linked together.

The Tea Talk’s official page posted a screenshot of the actress’s Instagram story shortly after she posted it. They wrote, “#madslewis and #haydenyezak both got matching tattoos!” as a caption for the image.


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Fans and followers of The Tea Talk responded differently to Lewis’s plan to get inked with her partner, Yezak, after seeing her post.

Concerns were voiced by a few, who said things like, “Well, this is the beginning of the end,” and “Why don’t couples understand that getting matching tattoos is what tears their relationships apart?”

Though some fans and followers expressed apprehension about getting similar tattoos, others praised their relationship. One fan declared their adoration for them together, saying they had never seen the actress look so content and at ease.

Another admirer expressed a similar viewpoint, stating, “They’re a vibe, love ’em.” Their romance isn’t doomed by the universe because of a tattoo. Take a look at their YouTube account; they appear really joyful and have a great energy matching match. Well done for them for not revealing (explicitly) what others may believe.

In addition, it seems that Yezak and the actress are really fond of obtaining tattoos. Lewis and her lover recently posted a photo of themselves on November 2, 2023, and it is clear that they have several tattoos all over their bodies.

Yezak is the one with more tattoos on his body than Lewis is. He even posted an Instagram story about getting some of the tattoos on his hand removed.

Yezak keeps an Instagram highlight page where he posts different videos and images of his tattoos to give fans a complete look at his tattoo journey.

Mads Lewis and Hayden Yezak’s relationship timeline

On May 15, 2023, Yezak and Lewis made their romance public with an Instagram post. The actress showed the world her devotion for Yezak by posting a photo of him holding her from behind.

That day, Yezak also shared a photo of himself and Lewis taken from behind on Instagram. The boyfriend of the actress appeared in the picture sporting blue trousers and a white and blue striped t-shirt with a Mickey Mouse print on it, while the actress was dressed in a gray crop top and matching jumpsuit.

One user said, “Y’all are so cuteeeee I can’t!” and another said, “DUDE, YOU ARE SO LUCKY,” after seeing the post.

The couple has regularly posted intimate photos of their romance on Instagram ever since that day. Yezak shared a number of photos of herself and Lewis on July 15, 2023, showing their private moments together. He wrote, “My girl,” as a caption next to the photo, showing how much he loved her.

The actress sweetly remarked, “My handsome man, I love you,” in response to the post. Along with their enthusiasm for the couple, a plethora of followers crowded the comment area, calling them adorable and the ideal fit.

Similarly, the pair published a set of black and white photos of themselves together on September 17, 2023, along with the comment, “Austin, Texas.” They haven’t disclosed the specifics of how they originally met and began dating, despite posting a ton of adorable photos of each other.

Meaning behind Mads Lewis’s tattoos </h3

Meaning of Mads Lewis’s tattoos: On December 37, 2022, Lewis posted a TikTok video with the description, “Me when I don’t show my tattoos.” Lewis doesn’t appear to have many visible tattoos.

In the video, the actress grinned at the camera before turning around and lifting her jumper to show off her back, which was covered in a variety of little and large ink drawings.

The first tattoo Lewis got was a huge flower with the word “beautiful” inscribed down the center of her spine. She also sports a tattoo of the phrase “Just Remember You’re Beautiful” on her back.

The actress continued by revealing the details of her most agonizing tattoo, which was a skeleton butterfly on her shoulder with the phrases “peace of mind” and “anyways” inscribed underneath. She also disclosed that she hardly ever gets her tiniest tattoo, a small cross on her foot.

Later, the influencer clarified that each tattoo has personal value for her in response to a fan’s request to see her most meaningful tattoo. She went on to say that her favorite was a little bird with the word “birdie” inscribed underneath it on her shoulder.

Furthermore, the actress and her ex-boyfriend Jaden Hossler received matching hand tattoos in December 2020. It read “left side” on Lewis’s hand and “right side” on Hossler’s. It’s unclear, though, what the tattoos symbolize in relation to their relationship or if they have any deeper significance.

Lewis made the decision to get rid of the matching hand tattoos after they split up. On April 27, 2023, she posted a selfie to Instagram while wearing a bandage over her hand. Later, she hinted about getting her tattoos removed on her Instagram Story.

The actress also included a company named Laser Away in a video she posted of herself inside a tattoo removal facility. Following the assumption that she had her tattoo of Jaden erased, fans concluded that the bandage exactly covered the tattoo’s location.

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