“Celebrating Love: Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock Take Their Relationship to the Next Level”

The long-term partner of Australian actor Dacre Montgomery, Liv Pollock, finally became engaged, a momentous and happy milestone in their relationship.

Pollock delighted her Instagram fans with a charming set of engagement photos on November 2, 2023. She makes a sweet wine glass toast with her acting companion in the first picture.

The post goes on to feature a close-up of her stunning engagement ring and a wonderful picture of a well-decorated dining table. Additional photos in the post reveal how they spent this memorable day with pals.

Pollock also announced the important date of their engagement, November 28, 2023, with the touching message. She continued by saying that the six years had exquisitely changed into a lifetime of love.

She revealed that, shortly before the renovations began, they got engaged in the warm embrace of their first house, surrounded by their loved ones. She also disclosed that their future bedroom served as their dining area.


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Pollock also revealed that their loved ones had left notes for them on the walls, a wonderful secret surprise for a later time. They were able to collaborate on the design of the engagement ring when she mentioned her preferred emerald stone set on a straightforward band.

Many of their fans and followers congratulated them after seeing the post. “I waited for this moment for so long, and now it finally happened, congrats you two,” said one individual.

In a similar vein, someone other expressed their happiness by saying, “Whaaatttt?!!!” Oh Liv, reading this post makes me think of you two and feel so warm inside. I’m ecstatic for your next journey together, filled with love and wide-open spaces. Huge affections.

Montgomery hasn’t, however, made any announcements on his social media accounts about the engagement.

Brief on Dacre Montgomery and Liv Pollock’s relationship timeline

When Montgomery and Pollock were employed in Perth, Australia, back in 2017, their paths first crossed due to mutual acquaintances. Over time, their relationship grew stronger as they went from being business associates to becoming friends on social media.

Later, on November 27, 2017, they started dating in a formal capacity. In 2018, Pollock took a year off from her studies of architecture at the University of Western Australia to be with Montgomery in Atlanta, demonstrating their dedication to one another.

The cute couple debuted on the red carpet for the first time together in April 2018 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel’s 9th Annual Thirst Gala. While Montgomery went with a basic black suit jacket and white shirt combo, Pollock looked lovely in a long red dress.

Furthermore, their support for one another penetrates their careers in addition to the sparkle and splendor of events. On November 2, 2019, the actor publicly shared his love and gratitude for his now-fiance’s steadfast support throughout his acting career in a touching Instagram post.

“I want to use this moment (and platform) to thank [Liv Pollock] – it’s not often that partners get the recognition and appreciation for just how much they do,” he said in a lengthy caption. This particular woman is the foundation of all I do.

Montgomery also called her the elegant one, the one with the intellect, and the one who packs her bags and moves across the globe for him.

Similarly, Pollock uploaded a moving black and white beach shot with the actor on November 27, 2021, which happened to be their fourth dating anniversary. With the words “Love you always,” she concluded her caption by thanking him for the best four years and expressing thanks for another lap around the sun.

They have had an amazing journey together, going from dating to happily engaged, and it looks like they will get married shortly.

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