Danielle Cohn Breaks Silence: Defending Leaked DM with Mom and Her Intention to Expose Mason Patterson’s OnlyFans

Text messages between Danielle Cohn and her mother Jennifer Archambault were exposed, and in them, the mother-daughter pair discussed exposing Cohn’s ex-boyfriend, Mason Patterson.

THETEATALK posted the intercepted communications on Instagram, illuminating the scheme Cohn and Archambault devised to bring Patterson and his present girlfriend, Chole Difatta, to light. Archambault described in their texts how Patterson and Difatta recorded a sex tape for OnlyFans, and Cohn urged her to release it.

Archambault went on to say that she would find someone to execute the deed for them instead of leaking it in her name. Cohn immediately retorted, “It’s simple to just make up a fake name.”

In addition to the texts, Archambault’s camera roll was made public, including photos from Patterson and Difatta’s OnlyFans. Cohn discussed her ex-boyfriend and his OnlyFans back in March 2023.

He had taped a recording, as many of his admirers and supporters pointed out, but Cohn disregarded it. She asserted that she had stopped caring for Patterson after their separation and advised everyone to move on.


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Soon, a deluge of criticism for Cohn and her mother filled the comment area. They said that Cohn was still infatuated with her ex-boyfriend and was even hatching schemes to bring him to light.

One user commented, “Danielle is definitely not over him,” while another said, “She broke up with him a long time ago; why is his life and what he’s doing any concern to her?” She was obviously still completely enamored with him at the time.

More than Cohn, though, her mother was dragged by the public, who questioned her motivation for supporting her daughter. An online user wrote: “Dani’s mother is far too elderly to be keeping 20-year-old print photos on her camera roll. much less her teenage daughter’s ex-husband. You’re not embarrassed as a mother, are you?

“There’s something really unsettling and kind of gross about a mother paying for and monitoring an OF that belongs to her daughter’s ex and his new girlfriend,” remarked a different netizen. Do you guys not have any better things to spend your money on, like? like the therapy that you two so obviously require.


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Cohn used the post’s comment section to defend herself and her mother after noticing the negative feedback they were receiving. She said that her former business partner had released the pictures and the chat, which dates back more than a year.

“First of all, these photos are not entirely true, and texts were deleted from my ex business partner who keeps exposing these for no reason I was fresh out of a relationship,” the woman wrote. “Since I am literally engaged now, stop bringing up the drama with my exes.”

When Difatta and Patterson started sharing “inappropriate photos” a year ago, Cohn thought it would be funny to make fun of them with her mother and her former business partner, as they were close to her.

“I was young and it was funny at the time. I think we’ve all made fun of our ex-partners at some point, but there’s no reason to talk about this anymore,” she stated. “Never thinking anyone would see the messages, no hate to him or her at the time.”

Cohn continued by writing on how, despite her attempts to move on, people were just using her as an excuse to bring up the past. Then, she asserted that she was unaware of the motivation behind the posting of the text messages.

“Keep in mind that it was a private conversation as well. The other party, of course, deleted their messages from the Convo. My former business partner is a 50-year-old woman with whom I had a great deal of respect; there was no animosity. I really don’t understand why she is posting our messages without cause,” the writer wrote.

Following Cohn’s remark, a large number of online users supported and shielded her. “Now that I have all the facts, it is very important to have full content. You all need to leave them alone. This is so stupid. Let her enjoy her life. Her past is the past. Let’s move on. That’s the whole point,” wrote one of them.


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“Fair game, tbh all they ever do is talk about Danielle free her fr,” remarked another. Many, however, don’t believe Cohn’s account because they believe what she and her mother were attempting to accomplish was unlawful.

“Oh my goodness, some are justifying it by saying it would have been shared on OF anyhow, but if Mason and Chloe had leaked her personal information, I’m sure you guys would have painted her as the victim and called it what it is—revenge p0rn,” one netizen said.

As of this writing, neither Patterson nor Difatta had addressed the text leak involving Cohn and her mother, nor their scheme to expose them.

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