December’s TV Lineup Unveiled: A Guide to the Exciting New Releases from ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians’ to ‘Reacher’ Season 2

December implies fewer days and cooler weather in various regions of the world. Such circumstances make us want to huddle indoors, surrounded by the comforting warmth of a fireplace, a cup of hot cocoa, and the television. There will be no shortage of new viewing possibilities in December 2023. Tony Shalhoub, five-time Emmy Award winner, returns for Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie. If you’re looking for some suspense, Hulu’s Culprits and Netflix’s Berlin have you covered. Meanwhile, the thrilling action can be found in Yu Yu Hakusho, the live-action version of one of the best-selling manga series of all time.

My Life With the Walter Boys is a small-town coming-of-age story. Pokémon Concierge has something for all ages of Pokémon fans. Archie delves into the life of a Hollywood great, Netflix releases the Korean period horror Gyeongseong Creature, and Percy Jackson fans can celebrate because Percy Jackson and the Olympians is now available on Dinsey+. Finally, The Crown wraps up its six-season run, Letterkenny terminates with Season 12, while Reacher and Marvel’s What If…? return for second seasons. Put on your favourite winter pyjamas and grab the remote! Here are the new and returning television series for December.


Many people know him as Cary Grant, but his family referred to him as Archie. Archie, who was born Archibald Leach in the United Kingdom before immigrating to America, fictionalises the life and times of the silver screen icon. Harriet Walter and Laura Aikman join the brilliant cast of Jason Isaacs as Alfred Hitchcock, Lily Travers as Grace Kelly, and Stella Stocker as Audrey Hepburn. The showrunner for the four-episode miniseries is Oscar-nominated screenwriter Jeff Pope.


This spin-off of the Spanish series Money Heist elevates the supporting character Berlin (Pedro Alonso) to the role of the main character. Berlin, according quote Lana Del Rey, desires money, power, and glory. He gathers a crew of professional thieves to assist him in robbing a high-end Paris auction house – a scenario that always goes wrong in hilarious ways. Following the original and a popular Korean version named Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area, Berlin is the third series in the Money Heist franchise.

Carol & the End of the World

You’d probably accomplish those things you’ve been putting off if you knew the world was ending, right? Carol (Martha Kelly) is not one of them. Carol, the titular character in the adult animated miniseries Carol & the End of the World, is unsure how to spend the rest of her brief existence. In the face of a planet-destroying meteor, everyone else abandons the rules, but Carol is unsure, introverted, and lonely. Carol & the End of the World is produced by Dan Guterman for Netflix.


Joe Petrus (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) in the British series Culprits is not your average Joe. His criminal history, which he has kept hidden from his husband and children, has now caught up with him. An unseen foe is now murdering members of his former robbery squad. Joe will need to find answers swiftly if he wants to avoid the same fate and safeguard his family. Gemma Arterton, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Niamh Algar, Kamel El Basha, Tara Abbou, and Eddie Izzard also star in Culprits.

Gyeongseong Creature

Gyeongseong Creature is a fantasy horror film set against the backdrop of Japanese colonisation of Korea. It chronicles the intersecting paths of rich businessman Jang Tae-sang (Park Seo-joon, last seen in The Marvels) and street-smart investigator Yoon Chae-ok (Han So-hee). In Gyeongseong (now Seoul), the year 1945 is already a tumultuous one. Things worsen when Tae-sang and Chae-ok come into a secret hospital that houses monsters “born from greed.”

My Life With the Walter Boys

Jackie Howard (Nikki Rodriguez) relocates from bustling New York City to a small, peaceful rural village following a horrific catastrophe. Jackie strives to overcome her worries and heal from the deaths of her parents while navigating foster family dynamics, hesitant friendships, and high school cliques – as well as an explosive love triangle between brothers Alex (Ashby Gentry) and Cole (Noah LaLonde). Melanie Halsall created My Life With the Walter Boys, which was based on Ali Novak’s novel of the same name.


Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie

Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub), a 2000s television regular, returns to solve his final case. Mr. Monk’s Most Recent Case: A Monk The retired private detective is seen individually struggling in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, but still attempting to put an unknown murderer to justice. Monk, who has experienced loss firsthand, can’t ignore his bereaved surrogate daughter Molly (Caitlin McGee) when her fiancé is murdered. Ted Levine and Natalie Teeger, both former Monk cast members, return, and James Purefoy joins the cast. Tony Shalhoub won four Emmys for the original series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Raise your hand if you’re interested in joining Camp Half-Blood! Percy Jackson and the Olympians is an adaptation of Rick Riordan’s renowned trilogy about the titular Percy (Walker Scobell), the demi-god son of human Sally Jackson (Virginia Kull) and the Greek god of the sea Poseidon (Toby Stephens). Percy attends the Camp Half-Blood summer training camp with the rest of the Greek pantheon’s “half-blood” offspring after learning his celestial talents. Those are the rules of the gods. Percy does not follow the rules. Also, someone stole Zeus’ lightning bolt and falsely accused Percy, so that needs to be fixed. Percy Jackson and the Olympians also stars Lin-Manuel Miranda, Megan Mullally, Jay Duplass, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Jason Mantzoukas, Timothy Omundson, and Lance Reddick as Percy’s best friends Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood, respectively.

Pokémon Concierge

What do all of those Pokémon do when they’re not competing to be the best? Of course, they unwind at a specialised resort! The Pokémon Company and Dwarf Animation Studios’ four-episode stop-motion series Pokémon Concierge follows new Pokémon resort hire Haru (Karen Fukuhara / Rena Nnen) as she works to cater for and pamper her visitors, Pokémon and trainers alike.

Yu Yu Hakusho

When Yusuke Urameshi (Takumi Kitamura), a generally selfish kid, dies saving a child’s life, he is resurrected in exchange for becoming an Underworld Detective. Yusuke is now tasked with defending humanity from various spirits and monsters, primarily through martial arts. The live-action Yu Yu Hakusho adaption on Netflix is based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s bestselling manga of the same name and its acclaimed 1992 anime series adaptation, which is also available on Netflix.

New Seasons

December 1

Power Book III: Raising Kanan (Season 3, Starz)

December 14

The Crown (Season 6 Part 2, Netflix)

December 15

Reacher (Season 2, Prime Video)

December 21

Dr. Death (Season 2, Peacock)

December 22

What If…? (Season 2, Disney+)

December 26

Letterkenny (Season 12, Hulu)

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