“Tracey Edmonds: A Closer Look at Deion Sanders’ Ex-Fiancée”

The romance between Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds has ended.

After more than ten years together, the pair decided to call off their engagement in December 2023.

“We have mutually decided that it is best for us to move forward in life AS FRIENDS and have made this decision with love in our hearts, respect for each other, and appreciation for the time we’ve shared together,” Edmonds said to Instagram.

Sanders retorted in the comments, saying, “Love you, Tracey. You’ve been a real blessing in my life. I cherish the moments we’ve spent together and the laughs we’ve had. You are a fantastic mother and an incredible woman. May God grant you success in all of your endeavors and actions.”

The two got together for the first time in 2012 when Sanders went to a film screening that Edmonds had produced. In 2019, they eventually became engaged.

Who is the former fiancée of Deion Sanders? What you need to know about Tracey Edmonds is all right here.

She’s a successful Hollywood producer and businesswoman

With over 25 years of experience, Edmonds is a producer that works in both the TV and film industries.

In 2018, she started her own lifestyle brand and her own production business, Edmonds Entertainment Group, of which she is currently the CEO.

Over the years, Edmonds has contributed to a number of well-known projects, including College Hill, the debut reality TV series on BET. After six seasons, the program has returned as College Hill: Celebrity Edition. In addition, Edmonds produced The Postcard Killings, Games People Play on BET, and End of the Road on Netflix.

In addition, Edmonds used to be a TV journalist. From 2014 to 2017, she co-hosted ExtraTV with Mario Lopez and Charissa Thompson, for which she won an Emmy.

Edmonds is currently a member of the American Producers Guild. Edmonds launched her own YouTube channel in May 2023, focusing on her “new life chapter in Hilton Head, [South Carolina],” where she shares “personal anecdotes, local gems, and the secrets of lowcountry living.”

She has an A-list dating history

Edmonds spent almost 15 years in a high-profile relationship with musician Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds before she started dating Sanders. Between 1992 and 2005, the couple was wed, and they had two kids together, Dylan and Brandon.

Actor Eddie Murphy was the next person Edmonds dated, and the two became engaged in 2007. “Tracey and Eddie are both very much in love and are excited about spending the rest of their lives together,” a Murphy representative said to PEOPLE at the time. On January 1, 2008, they were married in a “simply perfect” symbolic wedding on a private French Polynesian island. However, after just 12 days, they declared their separation.

Murphy and Edmonds declared in their formal separation statement that “it is not necessary to define our relationship further.” However, a wedding guest told PEOPLE that the proceedings were “pretty dramatic” and that guests “could hear them yelling.”

Babyface told Oprah Winfrey that Sanders is “a good guy,” even though he doesn’t think Edmonds and Murphy’s relationship was “the best thing.” Prior to meeting his boys, the singer disclosed that Sanders personally contacted him during an appearance on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Babyface reportedly added, “I knew that Deion, Mr. Prime Time, seems like a nice guy,” according to HuffPost. “But he became a classy guy when he called me and said he didn’t want to meet my children until he sat down and had lunch or breakfast with me, so he knew me before he met my children.”

She and her sons have a very close relationship

Edmonds welcomed her boys, Dylan and Brandon, with her former partner Babyface, and has worked hard to build a close relationship with them since they were small. Additionally, she has established some boundaries to “keep them out of the Hollywood craziness.”

As a single mother, I’ve always believed that open communication about life is crucial, and I do this on a regular basis with both of my boys. They’ve grown up extremely close to me in every way because it’s just the three of us in our home,” she said to the website Tinseltown Mom.

Dylan and Brandon appear to have inherited their well-known parents’ traits. In addition to studying music at Loyola Marymount University, Brandon has developed a passion for entertainment and movies. Meanwhile, Edmonds revealed that her youngest has ambitions to become a professional sports team manager.

She first met Sanders in 2012

Edmonds had no intention of falling in love with a two-time Super Bowl champion.

The Hollywood mogul previously told PEOPLE, “I would’ve never imagined in a million years that our paths would cross and that we’d end up in a relationship together.”

In 2012, the two of them met at a movie premiere party. Sanders attended as a guest, and among the night’s honorees was Edmonds, who contributed to the film’s production. Even though their conversation was limited, Edmonds was able to quickly win Sanders over with the little time they had together. A few months later, he followed up with a friend who had been given her business card; nonetheless, he first maintained a purely professional distance.

“At first, I just thought I was going to produce [Deion’s Family Playbook],” Edmonds remarked, adding that their initial one-on-one meeting was to talk about Sanders’ idea for a reality show. “But as I started working with Deion on the show, we grew quite fond of each other and ended up dating.”

She and Sanders got engaged in 2019

Edmonds and Sanders got engaged in February 2019.

Family, happy Valentine’s Day! Edmonds posted a picture of herself and Sanders on Instagram with the comment, “Sending LOVE to MY LOVE/MY FIANCÉ @deionsanders! ❤️💍.” “How wonderful God is! After eight years, we have weathered the storms together and will live out the rest of our days together.

“To all the couples out there… stay REAL with each other, LISTEN to each other, and MOST of all.. keep LOVE and God in your heart,” Edmonds said as she concluded the post. You can weather any storm once you do! On this day, spread joy and love! ❤️.

In December 2023, the couple finally called it quits on their engagement.

She and Sanders were often in a long-distance relationship

Sanders and Edmonds frequently had to spend extended periods of time apart as a result of their competing schedules. The college football coach revealed to PEOPLE that their love was strengthened by their drive to succeed, even if they lived far away.

Sanders stated, “I love what both of us contribute to society and to this world,” at the time. “It’s not just a separation because you want to be separated, it’s a separation because you are active and you are really influencing lives.”

She and Sanders found strength in supporting one another’s goals

Sanders and Edmonds were “at the age and stage where I don’t think neither of us needs a lot,” he explained in a joint interview with PEOPLE.

For instance, the retired athlete claimed that, in contrast to several couples, he and Edmonds didn’t frequently text or phone each other during the day. Rather, the pair discovered that the thing that strengthened their relationship the most was allowing each other the room to pursue their individual jobs.

Tracey is undoubtedly a driven individual. Additionally, Sanders stated, “I wake up early, and she knows that I’m working out and prepared to go get it.” “We understand each other because we’re busy in our own right, but it’s a blessing nonetheless.”

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