“Get Ready: Jennifer Lopez Announces Release Date for This Is Me… Now Album and Companion Film”

With her first new record in almost ten years, Jenny from the block is back!

Jennifer Lopez revealed the official release date for her companion film and ninth studio album, This Is Me… Now, on Monday. The release dates for both are February 16, 2024.

More than 20 years have passed since the release of her third album, This Is Me… Then. The new project is a follow-up to the 2002 album and will include both This Is Me…Presently: The Record and Myself…Right now: The movie, which Prime Video will stream.

On social media, 54-year-old Lopez announced the news and hinted to the upcoming release of her new song, “Can’t Get Enough,” which drops on January 10.

Over the weekend, Lopez released a promotional video for the project, which featured a lot of dancing and what appeared to be the title tune with the lyrics “This is me now.”

A message at the end of the clip stated, “This musical experience is a manifestation through music, film, and reality, of life’s journey on the search for truth about love.”

Lopez was shown reading a letter and throwing it into a fireplace while sitting outside in the rain in another sneak peek that was released on Monday. “When I was a little girl, when someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always… in love,” she said in the video.

Lopez dropped a letter signed “B” and dated December 24, 2002 into the fire. It says, “You’re sweet, but life is tough.” I appreciate the present. I hope the flowers are to your liking. You said you were never able to have enough. You have my belief.”

This is who I am. Right now: According to a release, Lopez and Rogét Chayed wrote and executive produced the album. Angel Lopez, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, HitBoy, Tay Keith, INK, and other artists are also included as additional credits. The artist describes it as his “most honest and personal” record to date.

A “musical and visual reimagining of her publicly scrutinized love life,” as per the release, is what Dave Meyers’ film will do. Along with Matt Walton, Lopez’s spouse Ben Affleck also co-wrote the movie. Additionally, a press release states that fans can anticipate “a musical and visual reimagining of her publicly scrutinized love life that is narrative driven, intimate, reflective, sexy, funny, fantastical, and exceptionally entertaining.”

Here I Am Right Now: Lopez’s first new studio album since A.K.A. in 2014 is the album.

In November 2022, Lopez first revealed the project when she posted a video of herself reenacting the This Is Me… Then cover, which was dedicated to Affleck. When the album was announced, Lopez released a track list with 13 tracks, one of which was “Dear Ben pt. II.”

According to a 2022 release, “This album is a philosophy, a reflection, a zeitgeist moment.” “It’s about hope, faith and true love never dying.”

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