“Get Ready to Dive into Season 2 of ‘Found’ at NBC: A Warm Welcome Awaits”

Mosely & Associates is continuing to operate. A second season of NBC’s debut procedural, Found, was announced in November.

In the episode, Shanola Hampton plays Gabi Mosely, a former kidnapping victim who works as a public relations specialist and looks for missing persons as if her life depended on it. Her similarly traumatised crisis-management staff, an infatuated police officer, and, oh yeah, her former kidnapper, Sir (Mark Paul Gosselaar), who she has locked up in her basement, are all going on the journey with her.

Discover everything we currently know about Season 2, including the cast, by reading on.

Will there be a Found Season 2?

Indeed! On November 29, 2023, NBC announced the show’s second season renewal.

What is the Found Season 2 release date?

Season 2’s release date has not yet been disclosed by NBC. The last two episodes of Season 1 will premiere on January 9, 2024.

Who is cast in Found Season 2?

Since NBC has not yet revealed any cast announcements for Season 2, we may presume that every existing regular will be back:

Shanola Hampton as Gabi Mosely

The show’s ticking time bomb is the secret that M&A’s strong leader, Gabi Mosely—the former cast member of Shameless—is concealing her one-time kidnapper in her basement. Will Season 2 see her captured? Hopefully not!

Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Sir

As the eerie kidnapper on the episode, Sir, Mark-Paul Gosselaar demonstrates his range.

Kelli Williams as Margaret


As Margaret, a mother who spends every night sleeping at a bus terminal in the hopes of finding her son who went missing there 13 years ago, Kelli Williams gives an at times devastating performance. She adds a sharp observational sense to Gabi’s squad.

Brett Dalton as Trent

Trent, poor guy. infatuated with Gabi, a woman who isn’t nearly ready for a committed commitment. Nevertheless, we’re rooting for these two to get together since Brett Dalton plays puppy-dog cop so brilliantly.

Gabrielle Walsh as Lacey

Gabrielle Walsh’s character Lacey, who was also taken by Sir, appears to be aware that her role model, mentor, and fellow victim Gabi has a secret, which, if Lacey isn’t watchful, she might discover.

Arlen Escarpeta as Zeke

Except for the one occasion Zeke fell and hurt his head right outside his front door, Arlen Escarpeta, who plays the agoraphobic Zeke, has not yet left his flat. Perhaps he will be in a different location for Season 2?

Karan Oberoi as Dhan

Dhan, a veteran of years spent in captivity, serves as Gabi’s muscle. However, Karan Oberoi portrays him with just the right amount of empathy so you can see he’s a softy at heart.

A’Zaria Carter as Teen Gabi

A’Zaria Carter steals the show as Teen Gabi, a young person who, despite her occasional closeness, will not break.

Is there a trailer for Found Season 2

The second season trailer for Found has not yet been released. But when it drops, you can FIND it here.

How to watch Found Season 2

The next day, NBC and Peacock will both stream the second season of Found.

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