“Get to Know Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s Children: A Look into Their Family Life”

Even after deciding to call it quits on their seven-year marriage, Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert remain “one hell of a team”.

The “Bare Wit Me” singer announced the couple’s split after filing for divorce in January 2023, but they didn’t make the announcement for about nine months. Taylor reassured her Instagram fans that she and Shumpert are still “best friends” and that they are raising their two children, Rue Rose Shumpert, 3, and Iman “Junie” Tayla Shumpert Jr., 7, as coparents.

“Most importantly we are FAMILY & in the 10yrs together, 7yrs married we ain’t ever played with or about THAT,” she stated.

Over the years, Taylor and Shumpert made a lot of memorable experiences with their girls, such as modeling for Skims’ Cozy Collection and posing for the cover of Ebony magazine.

Plus, they’ve appeared on TV. The family starred in We Got Love Teyana & Iman on E! starting in 2021 and Teyana and Iman on VH1 in 2018. Taylor told Maxim that the series helped them capture some of their most treasured family moments on camera before their E! program debuted. “Rue, my infant, crawled for the first time on camera. “And Junie, on her first day of classes again,” she remarked.

Here is all the information you need to know about Junie and Rue, the daughters of Iman Shumpert and Teyana Taylor.

Iman “Junie” Tayla Shumpert Jr., 7

Iman “Junie” Tayla Shumpert Jr., Taylor and Shumpert’s first child, was born on December 16, 2015, one month early. Her father had to deliver the baby girl himself because of her unexpected arrival.

“Junee made the decision to breathe her first air on December 16 at 6:42 a.m. in our bathroom. Everyone was pleasantly surprised when she finally appeared.” Taylor declared. Shumpert included a picture of himself and the infant in his own post, stating, “Our beautiful daughter is finally here and doing well along with her beautiful mother.”

Junie was just about ten months old when Taylor and Shumpert tied the knot. Following the nuptials, Taylor posted a picture of the group to Instagram. Shumpert and Taylor were wearing “I Do” and “I Do Too” jackets, while their daughter was wearing a “Oh! Me Too.”

Two months later, Taylor posted a tribute to her daughter on Instagram in honor of Junie’s first birthday. The singer added, “Your love has touched my heart and changed my life forever.”

Junie loved Chuck E. Cheese, Taylor and Shumpert revealed in a 2017 interview with GQ. Shumpert joked, “Junie’s going to eat more pizza than us,” as she described a normal evening at the kid-friendly eatery. She’s going to hurl things. She will approach tables belonging to other individuals and attempt to pilfer items. She simply passes out as soon as she gets home from exerting entirely too much energy on whatever it is she’s doing. She adores it, though. She adores complex and multifaceted things. similar to how much she enjoys basketball. She shows up for the match. She looks intently at the Jumbotron. She is aware of when to applaud and get up.”

The singer told PEOPLE that Junie was thrilled to become a big sister after Taylor fell pregnant with her younger sister Rue. “She constantly kisses my stomach, she constantly talks to the baby,” she said. “Even on store visits, she says, ‘Okay, mom, this is for the baby.'” She’s quite prepared. She will make the most amazing big sister.”

Apart from her family’s modeling, Junie has already participated in solo campaigns. She appeared on her first billboard in New York City in September 2022. Writing that she was “so proud” of her daughter, Taylor said she was shedding “proud mom tears.”

Rue Rose Shumpert, 3

Rue Rose Shumpert, Taylor and Shumpert’s younger daughter, was born on September 6, 2020. Rue was born in the family bathroom, one day after Taylor’s baby shower, just like her older sister.

Rue’s arrival was announced on Instagram by the former Cleveland Cavalier, who wrote, “A healthy child.” a younger sister. One more daughter. Black love triumphs once more. We adore you, babygirl. Welcome!”

In June 2020, Taylor first revealed her pregnancy in the music video for her song “Wake Up Love.” She gives her spouse and Junie a kiss in the video before revealing a growing baby belly through her blouse. Taylor also graced the cover of CR Fashion Book while she was pregnant.

Both parents celebrated Rue’s first birthday on social media. With a sequence of images, Shumpert wrote on Instagram, “Keep seeing the world with a pure heart.” Taylor wrote, “God took his time with you Rue Bue 🌹I love you so much,” next to a picture of Rue in a pool. Baby, happy first birthday.”

In a We Got Love episode, Taylor and Shumpert carried on a family custom by getting Rue her ears pierced. Taylor reportedly said, “I know at 6 months my ears was pierced,” before the family gathered to “bless Rue’s ears,” according to E! News.

Speaking to PEOPLE in April 2023, Taylor discussed how swiftly her daughters are maturing and brought up Rue’s speech development. “My youngest is talking too much,” Taylor made a jest of. “She’s a talking two? That’s unbelievable. She definitely talks a lot!”

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