‘Golden Bachelor’ Runner-Up Accuses Gerry of Deception with Off-Camera Promises

Following the revelation of Gerry Turner’s past relationship by a former girlfriend, his runner-up has attacked The Golden Bachelor for breaking pledges he made to her.

Leslie Fhima revealed to presenters Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt on Monday’s Bachelor Happy Hour podcast that during their time together off-camera in their opulent Costa Rican room, “He made plans with me for [the] future.” He said something along the lines of, “This is what we’re going to do; save the date.” I am very excited for us. We’ll be done with this in two days, be united, and begin our life together. No, he didn’t explicitly say “Will you marry me,” but he implied as much. “I would have been content to simply say, ‘I love you,’ but he went above and beyond.”

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However, as Parade previously reported, a startling piece in the Holllywood Reporter exposed the allegations of a former girlfriend named “Carolyn,” who stated that Gerry, who is currently 72, started dating her just one month after his wife Toni’s untimely death.

After living together for nearly a year, they supposedly broke up before Gerry’s high school reunion, when he voiced his disapproval of her 10-pound weight increase.The exposé was released the day before spectators witnessed Gerry pop the question to 70-year-old Theresa Nist during the Golden Bachelor finale.

Leslie, 64, his abandoned second-place competitor, has now sparked even more controversy in Bachelor Nation by calling Gerry a liar!

Leslie, a stunning dancer and fitness instructor from Minneapolis who has been divorced twice, shot to prominence the moment she stepped out of the vehicle on The Golden Bachelor premiere, revealing her toned figure and casting aside her old lady disguise.

Leslie and Theresa headed to Costa Rica for Fantasy Suite date nights with Gerry, after the competition had narrowed down to the final two females, several weeks later.

Theresa’s private time with the attractive former ice skater was before to his Fantasy Suite. After their night together, she declared that she was “100% sure” that she was the one.

“He went [and] turned around three times and blew me kisses when we woke up the following morning. He was reluctant to go. I wasn’t concerned that he was going on a date [with Theresa] because of this. All I knew was that he needed to go through the motions. He didn’t remark, “I have to make such a difficult choice.” Not at all like that.”

Leslie claims on the show that she didn’t feel particularly satisfied with her TV reunion with Gerry.

“I thought I had finished it with myself. How can [the lead] elaborate? They had to decide what to do. It’s his path, his decision. However, he had the option to refrain from telling me those things. That’s it. He claimed that he wasn’t ready, or that his heart wasn’t ready, or some such nonsense. At that moment, I was kind of losing my mind.”

Joe Amabile of the podcast compared Gerry’s choice to how someone would manage a business deal, and Leslie concurred, saying, “It seems like he switched……..” Instead of [stating] you are a man of integrity, I should have responded, ‘I assumed you were a man of integrity.’ Considering that he ultimately lacked the integrity I believed him to possess. Hey, I know what I signed up for, after all.It’s not as difficult as I anticipated.”

Regarding Gerry and Theresa, their project is The Golden Wedding, which ABC will premiere on January 4.

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