Netflix Cancels Halle Berry’s Sci-Fi Movie ‘The Mothership'”

The Mothership, a science fiction movie starring Halle Berry, will not be available on Netflix.

After being revealed in February 2021, PEOPLE can confirm that filming has concluded for the project. However, there have been some post-production setbacks. One problem was that reshoots would have required children, who had grown older.

Danny Stillman and Berry,57, served as executive producers. Matt Charman, who also co-authored Bridge of Spies, directed and wrote the film.

Berry played Sara Morse, a lady whose husband unexpectedly disappears from their rural farm, according to the synopsis of the movie.

“When she discovers a strange, extraterrestrial object underneath their home, Sara and her kids embark on a race to find their husband, father, and most importantly – the truth,” according to the logline.

In November 2021, Berry agreed to “star in and produce new films” on Netflix. According to PEOPLE, Berry is still employed by the streaming service, and she is currently working on her next project, which was once known as Our Man from New Jersey but is now called The Union.

Berry co-stars in The Union with Mark Wahlberg, who portrays her high school lover whom she enlists to accompany her “on a high-stakes U.S. intelligence mission,” as stated in the movie’s synopsis.

Not long after her directorial debut, Bruised, became available to stream on the site, she announced her creative partnership with Netflix. It peaked at No. 1 in the United States and remained at the top in 21 other nations, according to a news statement.

Berry acted as Jackie Justice, a retired mixed martial arts fighter who joins the ring once her son re-enters her life, and produced the movie as well.

Berry spoke candidly with PEOPLE during the project’s debut as to why she chose to work on it.

“I was once told that if you’re going to be a director and tell a story, especially your first feature film, you better make it about something you truly love and understand on an instinctive level. I also adore the fighting game. She said to PEOPLE, “I understand this world and I understand what it is to be a woman fighting to survive.”


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“I know what it’s like to make mistakes and want another chance,” Berry said. “I understand what it’s like to beg for pardon and hope for redemption. I have a thorough understanding of each of these topics. And this film revolves around those issues.”

PEOPLE’s request for response was not immediately answered by Berry’s representative.

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