Hiroshi Morie X Japan Bassist, Dies at 55

Longtime bassist for X Japan, Hiroshi Morie, better known by his stage name Heath, passed away on October 29. He was fifty-five.

The rock group said in a statement that the performer passed away from colon cancer, a diagnosis made following a June medical examination.

“Despite his efforts to battle the disease, his condition declined suddenly in October, and he took his last breath in the hospital,” said the statement. “We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to those who cherished Heath throughout his lifetime.”

Despite the fact that each member of the band “has personally bid farewell to Heath,” they all stated that they are “still deeply saddened and dismayed by his sudden loss.”

In their statement, they clarified that only Heath’s immediate family would be permitted to attend his burial and that they kindly requested that any “visits, donations, or flowers” be withheld. There will likely be a “formal farewell ceremony” at a later time, presided over by frontman Yoshiki.

Heath joined the group in 1992 and contributed to the albums Dahlia (1996) and Art of Life (1993), according to Deadline. The band split up in 1997, but got back together in 2007 and performed at the Tokyo Dome for three nights.

After coming back together, they went on a 14-city global tour in 2011, played a sold-out Madison Square Garden event in 2014, and published the 2016 documentary We Are X, which details their history. They debuted at Coachella in 2018 and dropped “Angel,” their first song in eight years, in July.

In a statement posted on his Instagram page, Yoshiki discussed Heath’s passing and recalled him as a “wonderful bass player, a band member, and a wonderful human being.” The two, he disclosed, had grown “closer than ever over this past year.”

He was a guest on my show on my birthday last year, and we had a long conversation in my dressing room afterwards.After that, there was another occasion when Yoshiki and I spoke on the phone for hours until sunrise.

He went added, “Heath gave a guest performance at my dinner show this summer on August 20th.” “How could I have realized that would be the final time I performed for him? I feel totally accountable for not being able to assist in fulfilling Heath’s goals. As I said goodbye to him, I apologized.

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