“Jason Mraz’s Reflections on Taylor Swift’s ‘Amazing’ Growth: A Dance to Remember on DWTS”

Jason Mraz honors Taylor Swift, his former partner, in advance of the next Dancing with the Stars episode.

The singer of “I’m Yours,” who once performed alongside the 33-year-old Swift, exclusively tells PEOPLE what it was like to see her career’s development before to the episode with a Swift theme on November 21.

“It’s your goal to see any artist succeed, particularly one you may have worked with in the past,” says 46-year-old Mraz. “And it’s been incredible to see her rise from singer-songwriter to international superstar.”

Mraz continues, “I’m sure it’s a great honor for her to have this concert centered around her music. And it makes me happy to be dancing to all of great music on the show.

The competition series’ official Instagram account gave a hint that Mraz and dancer Daniella Karagach’s Swift-inspired dance will be an Argentine Tango.

Not all of Mraz’s favorite DWTS nights are during Swift Week. “I enjoyed music video night and Motown night.” I also had the best year ever,” he says to PEOPLE. “There are a ton of really good ones.”

As the battle draws to a close on December 5, Mraz and Karagach, 30, are getting closer. Mraz acknowledges that he occasionally gets “fatigued from the daily grind.”

It’s grown into a full-time job, which is something I never would have imagined. I’m aware that my partner is annoyed with me as a result,” Mraz explains.

Then, Karagach disproves Mraz’s assertion. “That is untrue,” she acknowledges. “I simply believe that we are so mentally and physically worn out.”

Additionally, she shares and rejoices in their achievement of reaching the top six. “It’s incredible that we’re still here,” Karagach remarks.

Despite their rivalry, Mraz tells PEOPLE that the season 32 finalists have grown to be like a family. Harry [Jowsey] is my love. Barry [Williams] is my love. My dearest Allison Hannigan. We truly support one another here, and there is less rivalry.

The singer acknowledges, “You don’t want to see the elimination part.” I hope that wasn’t necessary for us to do. You always want the best for everyone, so when someone leaves, we’re usually shocked.

Tuesday night, Dancing with the Stars airs on ABC and Disney+ at 8 p.m. ET.

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