JT Speaks on Her Support for the Transgender Community

JT is speaking up about how she supports the community of transgender people.

The City Girls member was questioned about the now-famous “pretty like a transgender” comment from her solo single “No Bars” when speaking with Billboard about their new album RAW.

She remarked, “I think transgender people are so beautiful.” “They always look good and are fixed.” I personally know a handful of them. I ask them for minor trades and tricks all the time when I phone them. The girls, that is.

There are other places on RAW where the support for the trans community appears to be reciprocated, such as in “Flashy,” the lead single off the album that features trans pop artist Kim Petras. “We wanted someone who would sound great on the recording. JT told the outlet, “And Kim Petras, I think she’s dope and she sounds great.”

RAW, the rappers’ third studio album, was released last month. The women discussed setting a higher standard for their music with Complex before to its release. Right now, it’s just a matter of perfection. JT remarked, “I don’t want to release something corny. We’ve been here too long, in my opinion, and I don’t even want to play the way we used to. I’m hoping for a hit song and wonderful music. It’s lot more sophisticated but still very much like fun pussy rap. It is sophisticated pussy rap.

Yung Miami declared, “We’re legends, and I don’t give a fuck what nobody says,” to which JT responded, “For real, nobody did it like the City Girls? No one. It’s not like two bitches to walk in, act this way, and treat others like this. We arrived, and we merely talked about ourselves and our pussies. Nobody has better pussy rap than City Girls.

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