Julia Fox Stuns in Revealing Sexy Red Dress at Room to Grow’s Gala

Julia Fox flashed some skin in a completely crimson outfit!

The model and actress showed up at the Room to Grow’s 25th anniversary gala on Wednesday night, looking ferocious in her outfit.

Fox, who just published her most recent memoir, Down the Drain, has a taste for all things cutting edge. Her most striking recent ensemble was a red corsetted leather dress with five leather strips arranged diagonally, paired with a dark burgundy knee-length fur coat.

But the leather below her waist was artfully positioned to conceal various body areas, giving the impression that she is wearing a striped dress when in reality it is a skillfully constructed cylinder-like construction.

The Uncut Gems actress wore matching burgundy pointed-toe heels with the dismantled dress. She switched up her makeup style from her usual black winged eyeliner to a light soft glam look that featured a taupe lip gloss and a range of light eye shadows. Her hair was arranged with curled ringlets that fell over her shoulders and was separated in the middle.

Room To Grow’s 25th anniversary gala honored donors and ambassadors of the organization that works to support “families living in low-income circumstances raising young ones in New York and Boston,” according to the organization’s website. Julia Fox goes grocery shopping in underwear and a denim blazer, saying she’s “preparing for the apocalypse.” The group just declared that it is expanding its operations outside of New York City.

Alongside Molly Bernard, Elaine Welteroth, Matthew Morrison, Aja Naomi King, Kelly Osbourne, and numerous more, Fox was an anniversary ambassador at the gala.

Uma Thurman, the founding board member, and Amy Schumer, Maya Hawke, and Patina Miller joined the anniversary ambassadors. In addition to live entertainment, participants had the chance to take part in a live auction and hear personal testimonies from Room to Grow alumni.

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Fox’s most recent fashion moment follows the publication of her memoir on October 10, which detailed her early years in the city, from learning to shoplift to developing a heroin addict in her teens. In addition, she talked about how becoming a mother to Valentino, 2, transformed her and what it was like to lose her best friend to an overdose.

In her DIY denim bandeau, Julia Fox stays risqué while showing fans how to get the same look.
She revealed to The New York Times ahead of the book’s publication that West only appears for “like six pages” in her work.

“I think I handled it quite lightly. Fox told the Times, “I’m not trying to harbor resentment or anything; it’s all in the past. “Though clearly people will know, I think I did an excellent job of hiding people as much as I could. I’ll be the first to remind anyone who becomes agitated: “I went easy on you.” I had the potential to cause more harm.”

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