Know More About Jana Kramer’s Dating History

With her fiancé, Allan Russell, a former professional soccer player, Jana Kramer is growing her family.

In May 2023, at a backyard pool party, Kramer asked her to marry him. The pair welcomed their first child together in November. “We are ecstatic to announce the arrival of our son, Roman James Russell, and are sincerely grateful to Allan. We consider ourselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to work together to create something truly unique,” the pair exclusively told PEOPLE.

Although Roman is the country singer’s first kid with Russell, both of them are parents to children from past relationships: Russell has a teenage son named Troy, and Kramer is the mother of daughter Jolie Rae and son Jace Joseph, whom she shares with her ex-husband Mike Caussin.

Among her most well-known partnerships is her union with Caussin. In 2021, Kramer filed for divorce from Caussin after six years of marriage, citing inappropriate marital behavior and adultery.

In April 2021, she announced their divorce on Instagram, writing, “As I try to make sense of a reality I never wanted to believe could be possible again, those words have now become a reality.” “I dealt with you guys. I have truly adored. I have pardoned. I’ve worked hard at it. Now that I’ve given everything I have, I have nothing left to offer.”

Before Kramer wed Caussin, she was in a relationship with country music artist Brantley Gilbert. After meeting in 2012, the couple got engaged in January 2013 but broke it off in August of the same year. Kramer was married to actor Johnathon Schaech from 2010 to 2011 before to her union with Gilbert.

This is a look into Jana Kramer’s past relationships.

Allan Russell

Jana Kramer’s Instagram with Allan Russell. Instagram: @janankrahmer

In 2022, Kramer used a dating app to meet her fiancé Allan Russell. After becoming public with their love in January 2023, the couple has celebrated a number of significant life events together, such as getting engaged, announcing their pregnancy, and having a baby.

In May 2023, after dating for over seven months, the former professional soccer player proposed to Kramer. Kramer revealed all the information on her podcast, adding that her children witnessed the momentous occasion as well.

“It was a really beautiful night, and me and the kids were all sitting … on the front porch of the steps, and just looking out at the view,” she stated on Whine Down. “And when he called my name, I stood up or something, and Jolie began to jump up and down as soon as he got down on one knee. It was really adorable, as if she understood exactly what was going on.”

Two weeks afterward, Kramer made her pregnancy known. If I’m being really honest, I didn’t think it would ever happen again. This has simply been a really lovely thing for me—I’ve been through a lot,” Kramer revealed in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE in June 2023. “I’m giving it all time to settle. It fulfills every desire I have and then some. Allan was so kind. This tiny sticky note that he wrote me said, ‘You deserve the happy ending.'”

In an Instagram photo of the family with poppers that spurted blue confetti, the couple disclosed the gender of their unborn child. “It’s a boy,” Kramer captioned the photo.

Roman James Russell, the son of Kramer and Russell, was born on November 13, 2023. Roman’s first name is a “strong name that we both love,” the couple told PEOPLE, but the baby’s middle name, James, was a tribute to both of their grandfathers. “James (his middle name) was both of our Grandpa’s names, so that was a nod to them,” they stated to PEOPLE.

Brantley Gilbert

Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert during the 2013 CMT Music Awards

Jana Kramer and Brantley Gilbert attend the Nashville, Tennessee, 2013 CMT Music Awards. FilmMagic/Jeff Kravitz

A few months after being engaged, Kramer’s brief affair with country music icon Brantley Gilbert came to an end. According to Taste of Country, the couple first connected at the CMT Music Awards in June 2012, and in September of the same year, Gilbert announced their relationship on Atlanta’s WKHX radio. On January 20, 2013, Kramer, then 28 years old, accepted Gilbert’s proposal. The singer of “Bottoms Up” booked out Nashville’s famed Ryman Auditorium specifically for the event.

“I was astonished!” Kramer at the time told PEOPLE. “It meant a lot to me that he asked my mom for permission before making the proposal.”

The couple called off their engagement in August of 2013. The vocalists were nominated by the Academy of Country Music for best new artist earlier that year, and because of their busy careers, a source told PEOPLE that they were spending more time away than together.

The source claimed, “They are both so busy right now.” “It’s not ideal for any couple, let alone a couple trying to plan a wedding, that they have to spend so much time apart while traveling.”

Graham Bunn

Graham Bunn, left, at Midland LIVE, October 15, 2019, North Hollywood, CA, at the Palomino. Right: On September 17, 2021, in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jana Kramer attends the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Festival. Sam Morris/Getty and Timothy Morris/Getty

In June 2021, Kramer disclosed that she and former Bachelorette participant Graham Bunn were involved in a romantic relationship, which lasted for seven years. After fans conjectured about a possible link, the singer confirmed her relationship with the former country music radio presenter on E!’s Daily Pop.

“Are you breaking news for me that I have not even broken?” Kramer acknowledged afterwards that “yes, we are entangled.” We’re doing the friend’s line dance. I’m thrilled as we dance the line together.”

Kramer clarified her remarks shortly afterward during a Whine Down episode. She joked, “First of all, I don’t even know what [an entanglement] is,” and said she wasn’t quite ready to start a new relationship even though Bunn had been “sweet” to her following her divorce. The singer remarked, “He knows and I know that I just need to be alone.”

Ian Schinelli

Kramer and Ian Schinelli parted ways in April 2022 after dating for around six months. At a birthday celebration, the two first connected with one another through a mutual acquaintance, retired football player Andrew East.

After divorcing Caussin, Kramer made her Instagram account public in January 2022, stating that it had been “really nice to find happiness.” A month later, Kramer talked to PEOPLE about their romance and revealed that she and Schinelli had first kept their relationship off social media on purpose to escape the “pressure” of being well-known.

“It’s going good, but it’s very hard to be in a healthy relationship outside of a toxic relationship,” Kramer said. She also mentioned how “hands-on” and “helpful” Schinelli was with her children, and how “very patient” he was with her.

After publishing a number of mysterious messages about being “happy alone” and after admirers discovered that pictures of her ex-boyfriend had been removed from her Instagram account, Kramer announced in April 2022 that she and Schinelli had broken up.

Johnathon Schaech

Arriving for the “Zombieland” premiere in Los Angeles are Jonathan Schaech (L) and Jana Kramer (R).

Jonathan Schaech and Jana Kramer at the ‘Zombieland’ premiere in Los Angeles in 2009. CHELSEA LAUREN/IMAGE DELIGHT

Actor Jonathan Schaech and Kramer originally met while shooting the 2008 horror movie Prom Night. December 2009 saw Kramer and the Legends of Tomorrow star become engaged, and in July 2010, they exchanged vows. However, the couple ended their marriage after only one month of marriage. The divorce between Kramer and Schaech was finalized in 2011.

When Kramer asked her ex-husband to appear as a guest on her podcast Whine Down in 2022, she shocked her fans. The two talked about their relationship and their progress together.

“We were two very unhealed souls who came together,” Kramer stated. “I was trying to fill a void — and there was no way you could’ve ever filled my need for love.” While Schaech was grieving the loss of his 2001–2007 marriage to actress Christina Applegate, Kramer had just ended an abusive relationship with Gambino.

The One Tree Hill actress stated on her podcast, “We had wounds that needed to be healed and we needed to do growth separately.” She and Schaech talked about their newfound connection later in the program.

“It won’t be uncomfortable in the least for me to visit their residence. Regarding her ex-husband, Kramer remarked, “I admire him and I adore his family. “I love his heart and what he does and I’m glad that the air, I feel like, cleared.”

Michael Gambino

Kramer married Michael Gambino in 2004 after just two weeks of courtship. In a tearful October 2016 interview, Kramer told PEOPLE about how she first met Gambino at a coffee shop in Los Angeles when she was just 19 years old. Gambino was 17 years her senior, and she called him “a smooth-talker, very charming, intriguing and obviously older.”

That was nice to me at the time. Kramer added, “I felt protected. Soon after their wedding, I saw a scary change in Gambino’s behavior.” Kramer claimed that she frequently spent nights in her car or hiding in the bushes until her temper calmed since he was so easily enraged and possessive.

“When I said, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ he sent me a photo of my dogs on the freeway and said, ‘I’m going to let them go if you don’t come home,'” she added. “He’d kick me out of the house, I’d sleep in the car and then that next morning I’d be with him in bed again.”

According to Kramer, Gambino also mistreated her physically; on August 6, 2005, he choked her until she passed out and left her bleeding outside their house. After being found guilty of attempting murder, he received a six-year prison sentence.

“I remember praying that night, ‘Please, just take me away, I don’t want to be here anymore,'” Kramer said.

Following his 2010 release from jail, Gambino took his own life two years later.

Mike Caussin

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer during the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards

In Los Angeles, California, Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin attend the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards. FURY/GETTY RICH

In August 2014, Kramer started dating NFL tight end Mike Caussin, a year after splitting from Gilbert. Caussin proposed four months into their relationship, and in May 2015, the two tied the knot. On January 31, 2016, their daughter Jolie Rae was born.

A few months later, in August 2016, the couple had their first public hiccup. The pair was reportedly divorcing at the time Caussin checked himself into a rehab facility. Two months later, Kramer disclosed to PEOPLE that the reason for their breakup was Caussin’s adultery.

“Mike was the biggest of the betrayals because it was the first time in a relationship where I truly loved the version of me,” the artist stated to PEOPLE. “I was open and at last at ease with who I was; I didn’t feel the need to prove that I was worthy.” However, I was duped.”

Kramer made it clear in September 2017 that she and Caussin were still lawfully wed and were resolving their differences for the benefit of their family. On November 29, 2018, the couple welcomed their son, Jace Joseph, and reaffirmed their vows in December 2017. On a 2019 Whine Down episode, Caussin disclosed that his sex addiction was what first drove him to check himself into a rehab facility in 2016.

The Good Fight, the couple’s book that detailed the highs and lows of their marriage, was published in September 2020. However, Kramer filed for divorce in April 2021, one year after the book’s publication. In a Red Table Talk episode from 2022, Kramer gave Caussin’s ongoing infidelity as the reason behind their breakup.

Since the finalization of their divorce in July 2021, Kramer and Caussin have discussed their experiences as co-parents.

“We’re doing a really good job and I’m really proud of how we’re able to co-parent,” Kramer stated in a 2023 interview with People. “I think the first year was really tough, but I think now we’re able to put our issues aside and then just come together for the kids because, at the end of the day, they’re the most important things to us.”



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