Know More About Lala Kent’s Daughter Ocean Kent Emmett

Lala Kent became well-known as a reality personality on the popular Vanderpump Rules on Bravo. Lala’s greatest accomplishment to date is being a mother to her daughter, Ocean Kent Emmett, despite having written a biography, founded a podcast, and introduced a beauty business.

With her former fiancé, movie producer Randall Emmett, whom she met while employed at SUR, the West Hollywood eatery and bar that provides the setting and inspiration for Vanderpump Rules, Lala shares Ocean.

On her podcast, Give Them Lala, the Bravo personality first revealed her pregnancy in September 2020.

“My body helped out too, I am pregnant, and I got the nicest gift ever for my 30th birthday,” she said, adding, “I’m literally shivering with shock that this is actually happening. I cry over everything, but these are mostly pleasant tears.”

On March 15, 2021, Ocean was born, and shortly after, Randall and Lala got divorced. Whether in interviews or on Instagram, Lala has never held back when it came to raising Ocean as a single mother following the breakup.

The reality star stated in 2022 that she would one day tell her daughter the “negative stories” about Randall. Lala posted on her Instagram Story, “I will teach her the value of being a good person because I am her mama, no matter what.” “The world isn’t ready for the force my daughter will become,” she said.

Discover everything there is to know about Ocean Kent Emmett, the daughter of Lala Kent.

She was born in March 2021

Ocean, Lala’s daughter, was born on March 15, 2021.

“It’s the most beautiful time in my life,” Lala said to PEOPLE prior to giving birth, during a maternity photo shoot with a Bridgerton theme. “The entire experience, from my body changing and creating a miracle, to the way I have changed as a person. … I have never been this excited for anything in my entire life.”

Lala wrote on Instagram after Ocean was born about how the young child made her think of her late father. “The ocean is stunning. Lala wrote, “She looks like you through the eyes,” referring to her late father Kent, who passed away in April 2018. “So far, I believe I’m doing a rather decent job. I wish you were present to witness it.

Lala picked her name before she was born

Lala and Randall had chosen the name Ocean for their child before they even realized they were expecting.

Before the baby’s name was disclosed in 2021, Lala told PEOPLE, “It’s different, but we think it’s perfect for baby girl.” Lala claimed that she had been considering the name for some time before Ocean was born.

“We were certain that we would name our first child, boy or girl, Ocean,” Lala stated in an interview with Entertainment Tonight in May 2021.

“I don’t even know why this name didn’t come up sooner but we were in the Bahamas three years ago, I walked past this yacht and it was called the Ocean Alexander, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, the name Ocean, it has to be my baby’s name,'” she said.

She continued, saying that both she and Randall were “obsessed with the water,” and that “it made total sense for the name to be Ocean.”

She inspired a clothing line

Lala was inspired to launch a kids’ and babies’ clothing company shortly after welcoming Ocean.

The company, named Give Them Lala Baby, is emulating Lala’s entrepreneurial endeavors by titling its beauty line, podcast, and biography with the phrase “Give Them Lala.”

In December 2022, Lala said on Instagram, “This is my passion project because it was inspired by my boo boo; creating gender-neutral, cozy basics for our little ones,” expressing gratitude to her followers.

“It was really difficult to find certain looks when I first started shopping for Ocean while I was pregnant. I’m so grateful that you’ve shown so much love to @givethemlalababy. I’m extremely appreciative, and so is Ocean,” she said.

She motivates Lala to stay sober

In October 2023, Lala marked five years clean, and she attributes part of her continued sobriety to her daughter.

In September 2023, Lala said to PEOPLE, “I can’t let my daughter see that version of me; sobriety’s the best gift I’ve ever given to myself.”

“I’m approaching five years of sobriety and my daughter’s 2½, so I stay sober obviously for me, because if you stay sober for someone else, that’s just a recipe for relapse,” she stated.

Nevertheless, Lala made it plain that she was driven to maintain her sobriety in order for Ocean to only see this side of her.

You cannot place a value on the knowledge that my child will always see me in this state and never while intoxicated. I’m glad I was able to find sobriety at that time,” Lala said to PEOPLE.

She has two older sisters

Lala is the mother of Ocean, but she also has two older sisters, London and Rylee Emmett, from her father.

In February 2010, Randall and actress Ambyr Childers welcomed London into the world. Rylee, their second daughter, was welcomed by them in November 2013.

After parting ways with Childers in 2017, Randall asked Lala to marry him the following year. Lala shared pictures of Rylee and London on Instagram, which led to public arguments between her and Childers. However, Lala has also expressed her admiration for the girls’ mother.

On the January 2022 Watch What Happens Live, Lala discussed Childers and said, “I feel like our road was very bumpy, as you know, and I can understand why.” I feel so much sympathy for her.

She is a wonderful mother and woman, in my opinion. She continued, mentioning their mutual ex, Randall, saying, “I’ll be honest—I think she is the best thing that ever happened to that guy.”

She’s best friends with Scheana Shay’s daughter, Summer Moon

Summer Moon, Lala’s costar Scheana Shay’s daughter, was born barely one month after Ocean.

The best friends have taken their daughters on buddy adventures that have included trips to Disney World and Las Vegas vacations.

Shay posted a picture of herself, Lala, and their girls in a pool on Instagram in October 2023 with the message, “Girls trips to Vegas look a little different these days.”

Regarding Summer in 2022, Shay’s spouse Brock Davies remarked to PEOPLE that their daughter was “like a mini-Scheana.” Shay said, “She is the cutest thing ever.”

Lala has also expressed her gratitude for Davies and Ocean’s connection.

“Oh my gosh, the way he is with Ocean,” Lala remarked in a Vanderpump Rules episode from February 2023. “I’m really appreciative because my child won’t get it. I am unable to deliver it to her at this time. The greatest blessing of all is that I have Brock as a child.

In an October 2021 Instagram post, Lala hinted that she would be raising Ocean alone after she and Randall broke up, saying, “It’s you and me, baby.” Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to postpone their wedding, which was originally scheduled for April 2020.

She’s obsessed with Monsters, Inc.

In 2023, Lala organized a Monsters, Inc.-themed birthday party for Ocean.

“Without youuu, I wouldn’t have anything! The birthday celebration for Ocean’s Monsters Inc. was everything and more, as Lala wrote in the caption of an Instagram snap featuring celebration pictures. For a Halloween celebration in 2022, Lala had previously dressed Ocean as the Monsters, Inc. character Sully.

Shay and Davies, Lala’s closest friends and co-stars on VPR, flaunted their affection for Ocean by dressing as Sully at the celebration. Summer, their daughter, was costumed as Boo.

“Ocean’s 2nd bday party was BOOtiful! 💜” Shay wrote a caption for her collection of event images.

Ocean’s first birthday celebration was attended by Shay, Davies, and other cast members of Vanderpump Rules a year prior.

Lala said, “Ocean turning one is bittersweet,” to PEOPLE at the time. “I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone, but to see these little milestones happening in the past year has been beautiful to watch.”

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