The Golden Bachelor’s Leslie Fhima Undergoes ‘Random’ Surgery on Her 65th Birthday

This past year’s 65th birthday of Golden Bachelor star Leslie Fhima was a little different.

The TV star recently disclosed that she spent time in the hospital for a “random” surgery on her big day, rather than celebrating with a party.

“Hey, everyone! I am aware that everyone was merely interested in learning about my 65th birthday celebrations. I was in the hospital for that. Several outlets report that she revealed her condition in an Instagram Story post that has since expired on Sunday. “Yes, I had a bowel blockage, severe cramps, and came into the ER,” she wrote.

Her birthday fell on a Thursday, just before the new year.

It was “just something so random,” Fhima clarified. Actually, scar tissue from an 18-year-old appendectomy I underwent.” She then cautioned supporters, “If you have severe stomach issues, don’t wait 12 hours to go to the hospital like I did.”

The reality dating show competitor reassured her fans that she was “very excited” to see her puppy again and that everything will be alright.

Fhima, the runner-up in Gerry Turner’s first season of The Golden Bachelor, spoke candidly about dating Prince when she appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast at the beginning of December.

In October, during the Golden Bachelor season premiere, she initially discussed her adolescent romance with the late “When Doves Cry” hitmaker; however, she provided additional information during her podcast interview.

Fhima revealed to hosts Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt that the Grammy winner was her cousin Bobby Z’s friend and drummer, and that she had first met him when she was eighteen years old.

Bobby introduced us, and since we are the same age and were both 18 at the time, he was fantastic. Fhima went on. And whenever I went to his place, he would sing and play the guitar for me. And you know, he was a wonderful man, despite the fact that people mistake him for being quite silent. He was merely incredibly humorous. Once more, the humor I adore.

She also asserted that Prince used her as inspiration for the 1979 song “Sexy Dancer.”

“Bobby brought him to the fashion show where I was dancing, and you know, he was kind of like hiding behind a pole and I was coming downstairs dancing,” she said to the experience. “And then he says, ‘You look like a hot dancer.'” I will compose a song about you. “Alright,” I think to myself, “so that song came out a little bit after.”

Fhima eventually found a lot of love as a grandmother of three, even though her relationship with Prince may not have lasted.

Before the Golden Bachelor finale, when Turner traveled to the hometowns of his top three ladies to get to know their families, the young ones—Jackson, Sofia, and Yossi—even made an appearance on the ABC show in Minneapolis.

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