“Friends Star” Matthew Perry Dead at 54 After Apparent Drowning

The news of Matthew Perry’s death on October 28 stunned the entire world. Many people are curious about the cause of the Friends star’s death, given his untimely passing and relatively young age of 54, since everyone is still in shock. This is all the information we have regarding Matthew Perry’s cause of death.

What was Matthew Perry’s cause of death?

It is believed that Matthew Perry drowned at his Pacific Palisades house. Both an actor’s representative and a law enforcement source have attested to the fact that emergency services received a call at 4:07 p.m. local time, which they responded to as a water rescue. According to the source, there was no overt indication of foul play, and the cause of death is still being looked into.

What was Matthew Perry doing before he died?

After engaging in some physical activity that morning, Matthew Perry passed away at home, insiders reportedly informed TMZ. After playing pickleball for two hours in the morning, Matthew returned home. Shortly afterward, he dispatched his assistant on an errand; when the assistant returned, it was approximately two hours later, and he found Matthew nonresponsive. It’s unclear if he engaged in any other physical activity that contributed to his demise.

How did Matthew Perry die?

The cause of death is currently being reported to be drowning. Nevertheless, additional research will verify the precise circumstances behind his demise.

Who found Matthew Perry?

Just a few hours before he passed away, Matthew Perry’s assistant, whom he had sent on an errand, found him.

Did Matthew Perry battle addiction?

The late actor’s problems with alcoholism and drug abuse have previously been well reported. It then spread to include Vicodin, Xanax, and Oxycontin once he became involved with alcohol when he was fourteen. “I’d pretend to have back pain. I would pretend to have a migraine. Perry said to The New York Times, “I had eight doctors going at the same time.” It wears you out, but you have to do it or you will become quite ill. It wasn’t something I was doing to get high or feel nice. I was by no means a party animal; all I wanted to do was curl up on my couch with a movie and five Vicodin. For me, that was heaven. It isn’t anymore.”

“Alcohol really did save me for a while,” he stated. Next, it didn’t. It feels like your closest buddy is about to kill you when they turn to face you. You then say, “I need help here,” and raise your hand.

Over his life, Matthew struggled with recovery on multiple occasions. By the time 2018 arrived, he had experienced over a dozen stomach surgeries, pneumonia, an exploded colon, a brief period on life support, two weeks in a coma, and nine months with a colostomy bag. He had been clean for just over two years at the time of the latest report.

In his memoir, Perry stated, “There is a hell.” “Never listen to someone who says otherwise. It exists; I’ve been there; enough said. Now that it’s out, I feel better. It is written down on paper. Assisting others is undoubtedly the reason I’m still here.”

Did Matthew Perry overdose?

As previously stated, Perry was in rehab and sober as of the latest report, which disproves the premise that he overdosed and fell into his pool. It is still conceivable, though, considering how many relapses he has experienced over the years. To determine whether drugs or alcohol were in his system when he passed away, we’ll have to wait for the results of a toxicology test.

What health conditions did Matthew Perry have?

Matthew Perry suffered from numerous health issues over the years as a result of his crippling drug and alcohol addiction. By the time 2018 arrived, he had experienced over a dozen stomach surgeries, pneumonia, an exploded colon, a brief period on life support, two weeks in a coma, and nine months with a colostomy bag.

How old was Matthew Perry?

When Matthew Perry passed away, he was 54 years old.

What was Matthew Perry’s net worth?

At the time of his death, Matthew Perry’s claimed net worth was $120 million, according to celebritynetworth.com.

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