Megan Moroney Almost Passed Out upon Olivia Rodrigo Fangirling over Her Music

When American artist Megan Moroney found out that Olivia Rodrigo adores her songs, she nearly passed out.

In a recent interview, Moroney talked about her hectic year and her show in Los Angeles at Hotel Indigo Nashville.

The singer said that although she has experienced many strange situations in the last year, she genuinely thinks that the tour she was a part of was the highlight of this year.

She continued by saying that when she first started her singing career, she wasn’t sure if the public would connect with more than a couple of her album’s tracks.

But Moroney was pleasantly astonished to see that every song at her concerts was enthusiastically sang along to by her admirers. “My album ‘Lucky’ was released in May, and it means the world to me to see them gravitate towards it so quickly and learn every word,” she continued.

Not only did the audience like Moroney’s music, but Rodrigo, another musician, also found pleasure in Moroney’s compositions. She also went to The Troubadour in Los Angeles, one of Moroney’s Lucky Tour venues.

Rodrigo was exposed to Moroney’s music by a common friend, and the two quickly became social media friends. The musician can still clearly recall the moment she posted her song “Vampire” to her Instagram story. To her surprise, Rodrigo commented, saying, “Oh my gosh, I’m such a fan of your music.”

This statement took Moroney by surprise to the point that she thought she would faint from shock; she could hardly believe Rodrigo was aware of her work.

Following a series of back-and-forth text messages, Rodrigo said she was excited to see Moroney perform live in Los Angeles and promised she would know every word. Moroney responded by giving her a performance ticket with pleasure.

The vocalist of “The Tennessee Orange” told People after the performance how happy she was to have Rodrigo at her event.

Moroney continued by saying that occasionally people just say they will go but don’t show up. Rodrigo did in this instance, which added to the moment’s specialness for Moroney.

When they first met in person, the two became close friends very soon. The vocalist claimed that she had an immediate connection with Rodrigo, as if they had been friends for a long time.

“It was just cool to meet someone like that,” Moroney continued, expressing her appreciation for Rodrigo’s albums Sour and Guts and indicating that she is familiar with her body of work.

She went on to discuss how famous Rodrigo’s music was everywhere, stating, “It seems like everyone was such a fan, so to meet her and be like, ‘Wait, we’re friends? Perhaps we could get together?

On October 14, 2023, Moroney also shared a photo of herself and Rodrigo with the comment, “So a spicy Pisces & an emo cowgirl walk into a bar.” As soon as they saw the post, Moroney’s admirers and followers flocked the comments area, stating how thrilled they were about the possible partnership.

“The collab we didn’t know we needed but WE DID,” said one ebullient commenter, and “Need a collab immediately” was written by another.

Nevertheless, neither artist has yet to formally announce that they will be working together in the near future.

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