In Memoriam: Oscar Nominee Ryan O’Neal Passes Away at 82

The 82-year-old actor Ryan O’Neal passed away.

Well-known for his appearances in Love Story and Peyton Place, Ryan was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar in the latter film in 1970. Additional acting credits include roles in Barry Lyndon’s A Bridge Too Far, What’s Up, Doc, Paper Moon, The Main Event, and The Driver.

Patrick O’Neal, Ryan’s son, disclosed the actor’s passing earlier in the day on Friday, December 8.

“Well, I’ve never had to say something as difficult as this, but it’s here now. With his devoted crew by his side, supporting and loving him as he would us, my dad passed away peacefully today,” Patrick posted on Instagram.

Patrick wrote extensively on his father’s life and impact in three blogs. Ryan was “the funniest person in any room” and “generous as they come,” according to him.

“And without a doubt the most attractive, but also the most endearing. Combo deadly,” he continued.


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Famously dating from 1979 to 1997, Ryan and Farrah Fawcett reconnected in 2001 and stayed together until her death in 2009.

“Ryan never boasted, but in heaven he is entitled to boast. Particularly concerning Farrah,” Patrick penned. “He had the real McCoy; everyone else had the poster.” And now they are reunited.”

Tatum O’Neal (who starred in Paper Moon) and Griffin O’Neal, who had his first wife, actress Joanna Moore, Patrick O’Neal, who had his first wife, actress Leigh Taylor-Young, and Redmond James Fawcett O’Neal, who had his first wife, Farrah Fawcett, are O’Neal’s four surviving children.

In addition, he leaves behind five grandkids.

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