Shane MacGowan: The End of an Era for Music as the ‘Fairytale of New York’ Singer and Pogues Frontman Dies at 65

In a heartfelt Instagram post on Thursday, Shane MacGowan’s wife and lifelong partner Victoria Mary Clarke announced his passing at the age of 65.

The Irish singer-songwriter, who is most renowned for being the lead vocalist of The Pogues and the hit song “Fairytale of New York” for the holidays, was admitted to the hospital lately following an encephalitis diagnosis.

“Who will always be the light that I hold before me and the measure of my dreams and the love of my life and the most beautiful soul and beautiful angel and the sun and the moon and the start and end of everything that I hold dear,” MacGowan’s widow wrote in her post honoring her late husband.

“I don’t know how to say this so I am just going to say it,” Clarke said. Shane has departed to live with Mary, Jesus, and his lovely mother Therese.”

She continued by stating that she is “blessed beyond words” to have come across MacGoawn “and to have loved him and to have been so endlessly and unconditionally loved by him and to have had so many years of life and love and joy and fun and laughter and so many adventures.”

“I can’t express how much I miss him and how much I wish he would smile one more because his smiles brightened my entire world,” Clarke wrote. “Thank you very much for being in this world; with your heart, soul, and music, you brightened it and brought immense joy to countless numbers of people. I shall always carry you in my heart.”

She ended her message with, “Rave on in the garden that you loved so much, all wet with rain.” “You meant the world to me.”

Despite their 2018 marriage, MacGowan and Clarke, both 57, have been together for more than 30 years. The Irish journalist has provided updates on her husband’s deteriorating health in recent months. According to Sky News, encephalitis, an unusual and possibly fatal illness that causes the brain to enlarge, was the diagnosis made for him in December 2022.

Back in November, as her husband was fighting the illness from an ICU bed at the hospital, Clarke requested her followers to send her “love and prayers.” She had posted another tragic update on Instagram a few days prior.

As a human, love is the most beautiful and powerful thing we can experience, but it can also feel painful, especially if you’re frightened of losing someone you love or anything else. This is what the user wrote on her post.

According to the British daily The Independent, MacGowan has been using a wheelchair since 2015. This was due to a fall that fractured his pelvis. The celebrity fought alcohol and drug problems for many years, but according to the site, in 2016 his wife said he was clean “for the first time in years.” According to Clarke, his sobriety developed as a result of needing a “total detox” after contracting pneumonia.

According to Rolling Stone, MacGowan was born in December 1957 to Irish immigrants in England, and he spent his summers growing up in the Irish county of Tipperary. He was described in the article as a “mischievous child with a precocious intellect.” According to the publication, he was dismissed from the elite Westminster School in London after receiving a scholarship there for selling narcotics to other kids.

He went by the stage name Shane O’Hooligan and was a mainstay of London punk scene before he joined The Pogues in 1982 together with Spider Stacy, James Fearnley, Andrew Ranken, Cait O’Riordan, and Jem Finer.

“Fairytale of New York,” which is now a mainstay of Christmas party soundtracks, was The Pogues’ biggest and most durable hit when they were formed in 1987 alongside fellow Irish vocalist Kirsty MacColl. The song was first released on the group’s album If I Should Fall From Grace With God. They then released two more LPs after that.

But MacGowan’s instability and persistent drug abuse led to his dismissal from The Pogues in 1991. They broke up in 1996, got back together in 2001, and announced their definitive breakup in 2015. MacGowan stated in a Vice interview that he had better relationships with his bandmates while they weren’t playing together.

MacGowan stated to the newspaper, “The band is friends, so I don’t hate them at all.” They really appeal to me. Before we joined the band, we were friends for a long time. We simply grew a little tired of one another.

“We’re friends as long as we don’t tour together,” he went on. I’ve traveled a ridiculous amount. It’s plenty for me.

Bruce Springsteen called MacGowan a “master” despite his shortcomings. “He’s the man, you know?” he exclaimed in 2020 when making an appearance on Ireland’s The Late Late Show. I genuinely think most of us will be forgotten in 100 years. However, I think that people will sing and remember Shane’s music. It’s just ingrained in its essence. I think he’s a master. I am incredibly grateful for his efforts and his work with The Pogues.

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