Squid Game: The Challenge Producers Tease Exciting Season 2 Plans

Squid Game: The Challenge has just one episode remaining, but the creators are already itching to create more of the Netflix reality series spinoff of the original Squid Game.

Executive producers Stephen Lambert and John Hay were questioned by EW about whether or not they had discussed creating a second season. Lambert responded that they had.

“That’s all in the hands of our dear friends at Netflix, if they have the desire whether they want to do it again,” Lambert states. “Netflix will release the first week’s earnings, so it will be interesting to see what those figures are if viewers, and from what we gather, most do, adore the show. Who knows, maybe they’ll want to do another season if they’re successful.”

The producers are pleased that most responses to the show have been positive, despite the claims of two anonymous eliminated contestants that they were subjected to “inhumane” conditions during filming (although no formal lawsuit has been filed; instead, letters of claim have been sent to co-producer Studio Lambert seeking financial compensation for the alleged injuries they sustained).

“It’s brilliant it’s landed as well as it has, and we’re really enjoying all the responses to it,” Hay states. “We would absolutely love to [do season 2], but it’s probably too soon to say for sure. Let’s see, we believe this is a game with promise.”

Squid Game: The Challenge’s season finale will debut on Netflix on Wednesday, December 6.

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