“Meet the Newest Addition to the Dudley Family: Tay and Kay’s Daughter”

Tay Dudley, an American social media sensation, and his wife Kay have welcomed a fresh bundle of joy into their lives.

Tay and Kay’s daughter was born on November 20, 2023. Shortly after her birth, the couple posted an adorable Instagram video detailing their pregnancy journey, including the moment they found out they were pregnant, the gender reveal, and the labour process.

They happily announced the baby’s arrival in the accompanying post, imploring supporters to be patient as they took time for special bonding moments.

They teased a future reveal of their daughter and expressed excitement for their impending family adventures beyond the pregnant journey. The post ended with a heartfelt thank you to everyone who had helped them along the way, leaving followers excited for what’s ahead.

A day after the initial post, the couple released another touching video taken in the hospital when Kay gave birth to their daughter, tearfully documenting the moment the doctor laid the child on her mother’s chest.

They showed their admiration in the caption, writing, “Kay did AMAZING birthing her!” Bean is adorable!” With a red heart emoji.

The couple then discussed their decision to have an intimate birthing experience, admitting that no family members were present in the delivery room. Instead, they concentrated exclusively on each other, with Tay offering steadfast support throughout Kay’s labour.

Tay described Kay’s fortitude and tenacity, saying, “I wanted to be as involved with the birth as I could.” So, while pushing, I was holding one of her legs in one hand and her hand in the other.”

Tay and his wife revealed the long-awaited name of their newborn baby, Elliott Mae Dudley, on that very important day. They expressed their want to reveal her name sooner, but waited until she was born to ensure that it complemented her exquisite face.

Tay’s desire for a gender-neutral name similar to his own, and Kay’s contemplation for a name that would suit every stage of their daughter’s life, were highlighted in the couple’s thorough approach of choosing the appropriate name.

The duo also stated that Kay’s great-great-grandmother inspired the middle name, concluding, “So while her first name doesn’t rhyme, we can still say we are Kay, Tay, and Ellie Mae!”

Furthermore, they agreed on a permanent moniker, saying, “Though this is her name, I think it’s safe to say that she will always have the nickname “Bean”!”

Following the post, one person said, “Congratulations, I’ve been watching your journey and it’s honestly so beautiful,” and another said, “I actually thought her name would end up being Bean.”

Tay Dudley and Kay Dudley also have another daughter, Kinsley

Despite Tay and Kay’s repeated claims that this is their first pregnancy, several astute fans who followed their journey closely learned that Kay has a daughter called Kinsley from her prior relationship with ex-boyfriend Jared Lentz.

While Kay prefers to keep specifics about Kinsley secret, she has given lovely peeks of their family times on Instagram on occasion.


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Notably, on June 27, 2023, she shared multiple photos of herself with Tay and Kinsley. She captioned the photo, “Finally got to do some shopping/exploring in Dallas this weekend.” Even though it was the hottest summer I ever remember, I cherished every minute of it!”

Many people expressed astonishment after learning about their current child after seeing the post. “Crazy she never said anything,” one person said, while another stated, “I didn’t know she had a kiddo already!”

Tay Dudley and Kay Dudley’s relationship timeline

Tay and Kay first met when the social media sensation was in the military in a little town in Oklahoma. They became engaged after his military duty and chose to relocate to Alabama, where he pursued his college career.

Following their stay in Alabama, the pair married in 2016 in front of close friends and family. They later moved to Dallas, where they began to actively engage in internet endeavours, ushering in a new chapter in their adventure.

Following their wedding, the couple took to TikTok under the account @kayandtayofficial. Tay surreptitiously films Kay while shopping at Target in one of their most popular movies.

Tay’s lighthearted attempt to catch his wife in the act after she said she was merely going to the shop for milk is shown in the video. Kay was engaging in cosmetic research and playfully arranging her hair in front of a mirror as he followed her across the shops.

This TikTok video was favourably received by their audience, earning millions of views and likes, propelling the duo to fame on the internet.

“We began creating content on social media as a way to share our memories!” the couple explained to Distractify. We established a New Year’s Resolution to post every day in 2022, and that resolution was the catalyst for our virality!”

They also said that ‘consistency,’ ‘following trends,’ and their fondness for pranks are the keys to their success. Kay and Tay have happily adopted the title of ‘cringe pair’ on TikTok, embracing their humorous side.

“Well, we are both a little cringe and rather than try to hide it, we just own it!” they explained of their moniker. Despite the cringe label, the couple’s admirers appear to enjoy it, as the couple continues to create waves online.

Tay Dudley’s wife Kay Dudley’s short bio

Kay worked as a qualified dental assistant before becoming a TikTok star with her spouse Taylor in early 2022.

They set a goal of 10,000 followers on their TikTok account by the end of 2022, with the intention of daily updates. Kay exceeded this goal with extraordinary success, accumulating over a million subscribers.

Kay is now a full-time content creator, regularly producing videos and posts across several social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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