Find Out Who Got Eliminated on ‘The Amazing Race 35’ Tonight!

The final four teams on The Amazing Race 35 have endured an arduous ride, and the penultimate leg was no exception. They encountered the last two Roadblocks during the day in Ireland, which included one of the most difficult dance tasks the show has ever seen and a challenging memorizing exercise. However, the opportunity to compete for the million dollar prize and advance to the final leg made it all worthwhile.

See who made it home from tonight’s race by reading on for more details.

Who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 35 tonight?
Steve Cargile and Anna Leigh Wilson – Father and daughter

Steve and Anna Leigh were so strong in the early going that they were deemed the team to beat halfway through the race. Regretfully, that proved to be their zenith as they battled conflict and self-driving throughout their stay in Europe. They were searching for part of it in Ireland, despite Steve’s difficulties at the Riverdance Roadblock. However, their demise came from being disoriented in the stadium, rendering them the final squad eliminated.

Which teams finished at the top tonight?

Rob and Corey McArthur finished first for the first time this season after having an incredible day in Ireland. During the Riverdance Roadblock, Greg and John Franklin leapfrogged ahead of the other teams.

Which teams finished at the bottom tonight?

Joel Strasser’s failure to correctly execute the Riverdance movements gave Garrett Smith and Joel the impression that their game was over. But, they put on a grin and persisted as usual in the face of adversity. They managed to make it to the last leg by outnavigating Steve and Anna Leigh.

Who’s left this season on The Amazing Race 35?
–Greg Franklin and John Franklin – Brothers
–Joel Strasser and Garrett Smith – Best friends
–Rob McArthur and Corey McArthur – Father and son

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