The Enduring Love Story of Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer: A Timeline of Their Relationship

Luke Bryan, a country music singer, has been married to Caroline “Lina” Bryan for over twenty years, and the couple appears to be very much in love.

The two had an immediate connection that was impossible to deny when they first met while attending the same institution in Georgia.

Caroline said, “We were just hanging out at a bar called Dingus, and that’s where we met my first week of college.” Caroline made this revelation on the podcast “Get Real with Caroline Hobby” in January 2019. That Thursday evening. I was a new student. I had never been to a bar before. Growing up in a tiny town, I was really sheltered, and I had been with the same boyfriend since the eighth grade. I was looking at Luke and thinking, “Is this guy for real?” because of his enormous personality. I had kissed another guy before, but not this one. At all times.”

Despite dating for over a year while attending school, Luke and Caroline’s relationship ended when she “freaked out” after he discussed marriage. They wouldn’t get back together throughout their college years for another four years.

In the end, the couple got married in December 2006, just before his first album, I’ll Stay Me, was released the following year. He claimed that his success as a musician is a result of Caroline’s encouragement.

In September 2015, Luke told The Boot, “She’s the perfect kind of stability that I need on all kinds of levels.” “She lets me sleep in since she gets up at 5:30 and prepares the kids’ lunches. I look forward to the day when maybe those roles will shift a little bit because my family still truly dedicates themselves to me and makes time for me. All of this excitement will always be present. She’ll call me out when the day is over.

In 2008 and 2010, the couple welcomed their two boys, Tate and Bo, into their household. Following the untimely death of Luke’s brother-in-law from a heart attack in 2014, Luke and Caroline adopted the three children as their own.

To relive the married couple’s beautiful and exciting romance chronology, scroll down:

Fall 1998

When she was a freshman and he was a senior at Georgia Southern University, the two initially crossed paths. They were both in Dingus Magee’s, a neighborhood bar in Statesboro, Georgia, one evening. Luke quickly recognized the former pharmaceutical sales person in between his sets, and they struck up a conversation.

“It took me eight seconds to figure it out, and it took her about eight years to figure it out,” he disclosed to The Boot in February 2013. “I went to talk to her, but I had to drink a lot first. I was able to relax and seem fairly nice there for some reason. For me, it was one of those moments when I thought, “Who is that and how do I go talk to her?” Indeed, I intend to wed that girl.”

Following their initial encounter, the pair began dating and remained together for over a year.”Those blue eyes of Caroline’s were love at first sight,” Luke remarked to Good Housekeeping in December 2013. “I knew that, no matter what, I was going to make my way over to her.”


She told Hobby on the podcast episode that she “freaked out” when he would discuss marriage, which led to their final separation in 2000, which lasted for almost four years.”She was three years younger than me in college,” Luke said in a March 2012 interview with the Huffington Post. When we first met, I had almost finished my studies. She completed her college education, and I kind of went out and did my thing in Nashville, which kind of allowed us to both go get our feet a bit firmer on the ground.

Four years later, Luke and Caroline found themselves in the same tavern one evening in Statesboro, Georgia. In the podcast, Caroline revealed that at the time, she was in town visiting her brother, who told her about the “Country Girl” crooner’s performance. Together, they went to see him live. When she saw the musician again that evening, she commented that “something was different.”


A year before to the release of his debut album, I’ll Stay Me, the couple got married in Turks & Caicos in December 2006.

March 2008

Thomas “Bo” Boyer Bryan, their first son, was brought into the family two years later.

August 2010

August 2010 The couple welcomed Tatum “Tate” Christopher Bryan as their second son a few years after experiencing a miscarriage.

November 2014

Following the tragic death of Ben Lee Cheshire, Luke’s brother-in-law, from a heart attack, their family was devastated. Cheshire had three children together, Jordan, Kris, and Til, from her marriage to Luke’s sister Kelly, who passed away in May 2007. The three children, who were teenagers at the time, were taken in by the Nashville-based couple following Cheshire’s passing.

“We didn’t give it much thought,” Caroline said to Robin Roberts during the ABC show “Living Every Day: Luke Bryan.” It was never necessary for him and me to have a conversation about whether or not to take this on. We completed it right now.”

October 2017

For their tenth wedding anniversary, Caroline’s engagement ring was upgraded by the “Light It Up” singer.

December 2018

Caroline posted a tribute to mark their 12-year wedding anniversary on Instagram. “Happy 12th to my handsome, noble steed,” she wrote as the caption for the photo, which included a slideshow of images from their wedding and other romantic moments. Whatever the ridiculous disagreement, we always work things out better! Let’s go get chubby and savage! 💛💥💛💥

April 2020

During the coronavirus outbreak, the two enjoyed themselves and frequently played foolish practical jokes on each other to kill time. After one of Luke’s jokes, Caroline took revenge by hiding in a cabinet, as seen in the video that she shared on Instagram. She yelled as she slowly opened the cabinet door, starting Luke to jump up and drop the beer can he was sipping while he was searching the fridge for food.

“Got Luke back….😈,” was her caption for the photo. Al Capone once said, “Somebody messes with me, I’m gonna mess with him.”

July 2020

During their confinement together, the American Idol coach said on Good Morning America that the two were “better than ever.”

April 2021

Luke revealed that “communication” and “makeup sex” were the keys to a successful marriage in an interview with theSkimm.

July 2021

Caroline went all out to commemorate Luke’s 45th birthday, posting highlights to her Instagram. A cake modeled after Jiffy Lube, a massive piñata filled with Fireball whiskey, and a lot of hilarious antics were present. The singer remarked, “It was an amazing birthday,” on her Instagram. I cherish you.

April 2022

Caroline revealed up about the beginnings of their two-decade-long prank fight one month after making headlines for outing her husband on the American Idol set. “The first real joke Luke played on me was to put Vaseline under the door handles of my car. Additionally, it wouldn’t lock when I went to class, she recalled telling Entertainment Tonight. “I managed to win him back. I broke into his room because he was a fraternity house resident. I was helped up by friends, and I opened the air vent with a tuna can. Even worse, he was never able to locate it. Not until I told him months later did he inquire about it.”

The creator of Best Bad Influence also disclosed that the country music sensation hasn’t evolved much since his time in college: “I always tell people that Luke is the same person off stage as he is on.” He really is the biggest piece of sh*t. He was up drinking too much coffee this morning, which irritated me, but he simply acts the same at home as he does on stage.”

August 2022

“A new journey documented in the books! I twisted another ankle, and Luke shattered a finger.just an ordinary day for us! 🎖,” Caroline posted at the moment on Instagram. The couple took their family to Ohio’s Cedar Point amusement park.

December 2022

The “One Margarita” singer exclaimed on Instagram, “Happy 16th anniversary, love,” and included a goofy picture of him and his spouse. “It is truly incredible to live this life with you. I appreciate you putting up with all of my crazy behavior. Ever minute I laid eyes on you, I have been in love. We’ve accomplished something genuinely amazing together. I also adore you to the moon and back, and here’s to a hundred more. I cherish you.”

Caroline made the following comment: “Love you.”

January 2023

A source exclusively told Us, “Luke and Caroline are known as one of the most solid couples in Nashville.” “They wouldn’t change a thing about the life they’ve built for themselves; they’re incredibly proud of it.”

The insider claimed that although Luke is “very doting” toward his wife, Caroline is “super supportive” of her husband’s work and that the country singer was “right by [Caroline’s] side” after her hip surgery in late 2022.

The insider tells Us that despite the fact that their “schedules can make it super busy” and that they occasionally need to make “sacrifices,” the couple is nonetheless “best friends, devoted parents and a very solid, likeable pair.”

December 2023

Luke celebrated his 17th wedding anniversary by posting on social media.

“Happy 17 years of marriage, my darling. “I love you @linabryan3,” he wrote as the description for an Instagram reel that included pictures of them together and the song “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” by Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes playing in the background.

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