How ‘The Gilded Age’ Prepares for an Epic Season 3

The Gilded Age transports viewers to 1880s New York City, where it delves into the scandals and rivalries of upper-class society as the newly wealthy square off against the long-established dynasties. The story of the historical drama has concluded with the release of Season 2, but viewers would like to see more. The Season 2 ending didn’t leave any apparent cliffhangers, and there has been no word on a Season 3 renewal. However, the show teases the characters’ futures and establishes what Season 3 will look like should the show return. The old guard struggles to maintain stability in the ever-changing society, but they are losing ground to the aspirational Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon), who hasn’t yet brought about enough change to please her. Bertha’s triumph in the opera battle at the end of season two suggests that the family is getting closer to her goal, even if it’s just by pushing the other families farther away. However, that doesn’t make her a valued part of society, thus the show’s promise isn’t fulfilled.

While Season 2 establishes a number of ongoing topics that it may pursue, it also comes to a satisfying finish. Bertha’s intentions for Gladys (Taissa Farmiga) and the increasing number of enemies George (Morgan Spector) creates in his business activities continue to disturb the Russells. With Agnes (Christine Baranski), for whom any change is difficult, let alone one in which she loses authority, Ada’s (Cynthia Nixon) newfound riches alters their relationship. Peggy (Denée Benton) and Jack Treacher (Ben Ahlers), meantime, are setting out on a fresh start. The most eagerly awaited plotline, however, centers on Marian (Louisa Jacobson) and Larry (Harry Richardson), whose developing romance is certain to encounter resistance from their families. With all of this and The Gilded Age’s penchant for including historical details from the significant period, there is a lot of promise for future installments. These are some storylines we hope to see carried out in Season 3, as there are a ton of intriguing plots planned.

The aim of the wide-eyed young scion of a conservative family is to enter the wealthy adjacent clan, which is led by the ambitious wife, Bertha, and the ruthless railroad tycoon, George Russell, together with their rakish son, Larry.

What Do the Russells Have Left to Conquer in ‘the Glided Age’?

In the season two conclusion of The Gilded Age, Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector are shown standing in an opera box.Picture courtesy of HBO

The Gilded Age offers a plethora of character possibilities. With the departure of Mr. Watson (Michael Cerveris), George’s valet, at the end of Season 2, and the arrival of a new lady’s maid, the Russell House can tell a lot more stories. Even without the Russell family, there is a lot going on in the house with the introduction of Mrs. Bruce (Celia Keenan-Bolger) and Mr. Borden (Douglas Sills) into a romantic relationship. However, the family has no shortage of tales. The opera conflict was the focal point of Bertha’s rivalry with her former lady’s maid, Mrs. Winterton (Kelley Curran), as they fought for the Met’s prime box. However, Bertha’s surprise and convincing victory means that the two will undoubtedly clash again in the future. And Bertha has rivals besides Mrs. Winterton. It’s unlikely that Mrs. Astor (Donna Murphy), her friend from time to time, will soon forget that Bertha turned down her peace proposal. When Bertha was turned away from a box at the Academy of Music, she started to support the Met. Mrs. Astor gave Bertha a box when things weren’t going her way, but Bertha refused to give up. Following her loss, Mrs. Astor is unlikely to feel fondly toward Bertha, which could result in further disputes. A third season of the show could be possible because of the unstable character relationships, even though the show did not say what that would be.

The narrative has been hinting at Bertha’s plan for Gladys’ marriage since Season 1. She won’t throw a party for the young lady until she is certain that the most eminent members of society will be present because she wants to use her daughter to entice them into society. This persisted throughout Season 2, as Bertha closely monitored Gladys’s social interactions. Nevertheless, Gladys almost put an end to these schemes when she took Oscar van Rhijn’s (Black Ritson) offer into consideration because it would release her from Bertha. George meddled, offering Gladys support in opposing her mother—but only if it was for a man she loved. However, Bertha does not appear to have taken Gladys’ views into account when she matches her daughter with Ben Lamb’s character, the Duke of Buckingham, whom Gladys despises. It is hinted that Bertha arranged a pricey and undisclosed arrangement with the Duck in exchange for his going to the Met’s opening night, which is Gladys’ hand in marriage. George began to have doubts about the deal his wife made in Season 2, indicating that he hasn’t heard anything yet. A deeper exploration of this will lead to tension between George and Bertha in the show. Dramatic situations can arise from the split Russell family, particularly when the driven wife and effective husband have conflicting agendas. In addition to creating enemies in the community, Bertha may have even turned her husband, who was always supportive, against her.

However, Bertha is not the only one who instigates disputes. George’s workplace was facing a strike in season two. George put a stop to the violence by negotiating with the strikers and accepting compromises that others in his position would have found intolerable, while his colleagues merchants preferred to wait out the workers. Henderson (Darren Goldstein), the union head, admits that while George’s actions garnered him accolades and put an end to the strike, they didn’t solve everything. Being a cunning businessman, George saw an opportunity to reach a quick agreement while accepting issues that would cause disputes within the union, giving him the opportunity to take back control later. While George concentrates on the long-term win, others only see his breached vow to stay out of the union’s affairs. Because of this, his fellow merchants were incensed by this deal and later threatened George. George will undoubtedly deal with the consequences of his actions without support from the corporate community, which will guide his plot in Season 3.

How Will the Van Rhijn Household Change in ‘The Gilded Age’ Season 3?

The Russell family is not the only one going through changes, though. After the van Rhijns almost lost everything to the scammer who deceived Oscar, Ada’s unexpected inheritance from her recently deceased husband, Luke Forte (Robert Sean Leonard), provided salvation. Ada will take on a big leadership role within the family, even though this preserves their home and way of life. Ada is significantly less rigid than Agnes, who has long ruled the home with an iron grip and made everyone live according to her strict standards. This will make the employees follow Ada’s directions instead of Agnes’ as their employer. Since Agnes enjoys having control, she is unprepared for this development, which will undoubtedly lead to conflict between the sisters as power shifts. It will also affect her relationship with her son, whom Agnes harshly condemned after he acknowledged his responsibility for the situation.

There are other changes occurring in the house as well. Peggy, Agnes’s secretary, leaves her journalism career because she has emotions for her editor. Peggy’s trip isn’t over as she goes back to the beginning; her next move is unclear, however she mentions going back to her novel. She might also notice a friendlier Armstrong (Debra Monk), who has previously expressed her bigotry against Peggy when working as Agnes’ lady’s maid. However, Peggy informed Agnes about the conversations that had taken place downstairs and that Armstrong, in particular, was concerned that she would not be able to find another work due to her advanced age, which prompted Agnes to invite Armstrong to accompany her. Armstrong hesitates, implying that she may have a second shot at repentance, upon learning that the opportunity stems from what Peggy said to Agnes.

More significantly, though, Jack Treacher, the van Rhijns’ footman, is starting to see changes after his improved alarm clock was granted a patent in the Season 2 finale. When Larry Russell offers to assist him in selling his invention and that they go into business together, it is clear that his diligence and desire to better himself are paying off. This not only affords Jack the opportunity to become wealthy, but it also enables Larry to leave his father’s shadow and pursue his own career in business. Even though it’s not the architectural ideal he had mentioned, Larry might succeed in his new venture and become well-known.

What Drama Will ‘The Gilded Age’s Newest Couple Face?

Of all, the show is about more than just social and professional ascent. Romance is a key component of another noteworthy segment, and the Season 2 finale featured a kiss between Larry Russell and Marian Brook. There have been sparks between the two friends since their first meeting, so this relationship has taken a while to blossom, but the timing has finally been perfect. It is not without difficulties, though. Agnes cautioned Marian about two potential red flags following her previous broken engagement, the first of which was a near-elopement in Season 1. Marian might face harsh judgment from society, which would advise her to tread cautiously. Even worse, since Larry Russell is not related to any of the old money families, Agnes will undoubtedly disapprove of him. Marian has no problem disobeying her aunt, although it will lead to arguments. Russell’s response is far more difficult to forecast. Marian is not at the center of society, but she has always been nice to the Russells and comes from a well-respected, old family, which could aid Bertha. Is that, however, sufficient for Bertha? Season 3’s depiction of their relationship’s growth and the families’ responses will be crucial in demonstrating how much more The Gilded Age has to offer.

Although the climax of Season 2 is somewhat satisfactory, there are still a lot of stories to be told, so it is hardly an ending. The emergence of Larry and Marian’s romance, Bertha’s numerous adversaries, George’s unresolved financial matters, and Agnes and Ada’s new dynamic all offer enough plot points for a second season of the show’s trademark low-stakes drama. A lot of the Season 3 storylines are set in the Gilded Age. The Gilded Age Season 3 may be the most exciting yet because of the numerous stories that have already been started and the stormy past of the era.

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