“The Golden Bachelor Finale: Gerry Turner’s Surprise Proposal and the Fallout”

There are spoilers from Thursday’s Golden Bachelor season finale in the post that follows.

A very wonderful conclusion!

Gerry Turner finished his Golden Bachelor adventure in Costa Rica on Thursday. He chose between finalists Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist with the help of his daughters Jenny and Angie, as well as his granddaughters Payton and Charlie.

The 72-year-old Gerry remarked to his daughters, “I need to know which is the right person.”

Leslie, 64, and Theresa, 70, both expressed their affection for him to Gerry, who recounted this to his daughters.


Theresa admitted in an on-camera interview that she was anxious to meet Gerry’s family since “I haven’t met somebody’s family in 52 years.”
“They couldn’t have picked a better Golden Bachelor,” Theresa said as she approached Gerry’s daughters and granddaughters.

Theresa told Jenny and Angie about her story of marrying her high school love and then losing him to kidney failure in a private conversation.
Theresa stated, “Through tears, I went through pretty much what your dad went through—the grieving and the mourning.”
Theresa responded yes when Gerry’s daughters inquired if she would accept a proposal from him. Theresa remarked, “A lot of myself in him,” and added, ‘We both, at our age, say that we don’t know how much time we have and we want to make the most of every moment.”
Next, Gerry gushed over Theresa to his daughters over the phone. “I won’t lie, I really enjoy being around her,” he remarked.

Angie questioned her father about whether their time together in the Fantasy Suite had strengthened their bond. She questioned, “Did you knock the boots?” as he paused.
Gerry sidestepped the query. He clarified, “We’re not talking about that.”
But Angie was pleased with what she heard. Angie stated in an on-camera interview, “I really do think I could see him getting down on one knee and them getting married.”
Before calling it a night, Theresa and Gerry planted a kiss and exchanged “I love yous.”


Gerry told Theresa that he had discovered alcohol in the orange juice he had earlier provided her while they were with his family when they went on their final date. Theresa claimed that she and her husband Billy tried vodka and orange juice as their first alcoholic beverage.
“I enjoy listening to the tales about Billy,” Gerry remarked to Theresa. “I really do because it gives me a better understanding of you.”
Theresa informed Gerry how much she enjoyed learning about his wife Toni from his stories. Theresa stated, “It gets more of our history, the little stories.”
Theresa was frightened that she might not be the only lady left, even if she was all in on Gerry. Theresa tells Gerry: “I don’t know what exactly is going on between you, but that’s not my business. There’s still another person here.” “But it’s still a cause for concern.”

Gerry realized how tough the situation was. He told Theresa, “There’s not going to be an easy way when two wonderful women are standing there and there’s one rose.” “It’s a fairly binary scenario.”

Knowing this, Theresa said to Gerry, “I wouldn’t want you to choose me if you weren’t wanting me 1,000 percent and wanting me overwhelmingly.”

She was assured by Gerry that “it’ll be 1,000% or nothing.”

Theresa left the date thinking that it would end up being just the two of them. She said to the cameras, “At this point, I don’t want to have a life without Gerry.”


Leslie entered the meeting with Gerry’s daughters and grandkids with a sense of confidence. She addressed the cameras, saying, “I know what we have is special and I don’t think it could be duplicated.”

Leslie expressed her gratitude to Gerry’s family for immediately connecting with her sense of humor.

Leslie remarked, “I think it’s really important that he got my humor and that I made him laugh, because not everyone finds me funny.”

Leslie said, “I love him and I want to go through life with him,” as Payton and Charlie pulled her aside to talk.

Hearing Leslie talk so tenderly about her grandfather made Payton cry. Payton said to the cameras, “After we met Theresa, we loved her, Charlie loved her.” “Theresa was our first choice in life. And she’s fantastic now, Leslie.

Leslie told Gerry’s girls again how committed she was to him. Leslie remarked, “That’s all I ever wanted, until death do us part.” “He really is the man of my dreams,” I said.

After meeting Leslie, Gerry and his daughters got in touch, and Jenny confided in Gerry that she believed Leslie had “some pretty strong feelings” for him.

“The biggest decision I have made in the last 55 years,” Gerry declared to the cameras, was necessary.

Leslie said Gerry, “Meeting your family has made me feel really good.”

However, Leslie believed she saw a change in Gerry. In an interview that was recorded on camera, Leslie stated, “I feel like I can read Gerry now and I could tell he wasn’t quite himself today.” “His demeanor was slightly distinct.”


On their most recent date, Leslie confronted Gerry about her misgivings. “You didn’t seem like the Gerry you usually were,” she remarked to the Golden Bachelor.

Leslie received an apology from Gerry, who blamed “kind of getting to me” on the “stress and pressure” of the show. They exchanged a red wine toast after he informed her he wanted to “turn a page.”

Leslie then gave Gerry a leather-bound photo album including the journey’s images. Leslie said Gerry, “I love you so very much.”

Rather than responding with a “I love you,” Gerry merely remarked, “I know, I could feel it.”

Before the date ended, Leslie began crying, and they hugged. What would you like to tell me? Leslie questioned Gerry.

Gerry turned to Leslie and replied, “No, just that I have a tough decision to make.” “It’s more difficult than I ever imagined.”

When they parted, they both kept crying. Leslie declared, “I’m definitely not confident now.” “I am aware of his absence today. I am fully aware of the reason.”

Gerry went back to Leslie and had a conversation with her because he thought he owed her an explanation.

“You inquired if there was anything I needed to discuss with you,” Gerry started. “It’s been challenging. And I’ve decided in a way how I want to approach this. And Theresa has captured my heart. And that’s the course I intend to follow.

Regarding their overnight date, Leslie remarked, “So everything you told me the other night was a lie.”

Gerry refuted that. “No, because that was the truth at the time,” he responded. “Things have evolved, they have changed.”

Leslie questioned Gerry about their relationship’s problems.

“It didn’t go wrong,” remarked Gerry. “I’ve put a lot of effort into finding out as much as I can about Theresa and you. Although both of you are amazing, only one of you is correct. Leslie, I truly apologize. I promise you that I never would have started this road if I had realized how much suffering I would inflict someone.

Leslie thought she had been duped. She addressed Gerry, saying, “You made it seem like you chose me the other night.” You made comments to me that gave me the impression that this would be it. I feel like you lead me down a path, then turned around and abandoned me there. To be honest, it baffles me how you can spend all night with me and tell me you love me, and then one day—not even a day, but twelve hours later—you decide to change your mind.

At least she was relieved that he had dumped her before the day of the proposal.

Leslie remarked, “I don’t have to step onto that platform in that $60,000 dress with the diamond earrings and be totally embarrassed anymore.” It’s simply here now. And for that, I am grateful.

Gerry exposed himself, knowing he could say nothing to make things better.
Gerry addressed host Jesse Palmer, saying, “I took a really good person and f—ing broke their heart.” “At the moment, I detest everything and myself. I believe that the only other moment in my life that I have felt worse is when my wife passed away, and this is a very near second. I screwed her over, and she’s a kind person.”


Leslie told Jesse, 45, that she was “blindsided” by the breakup when he brought her out at After the Final Rose.
Leslie stated, “I was positive that I was his girl.” “And the things he said to me during our overnight stay and when we met his family—well, they weren’t all shown, but we had a great time.”

For the first time since he dumped Leslie, Jesse took Gerry outside to meet her face to face.

Leslie said Gerry, “Your words meant so much to me because of your integrity.” “I accepted them and held them close to my heart; I didn’t take them for granted. Everyone is aware of the remarks said on camera, but only you and I are aware of the remarks made overnight. And I would never tell anyone about that. This is our own time. However, such remarks made it quite clear to me that I was your girl and that our engagement was imminent.

Leslie went out and chose the most exquisite blue dress—the color of our eyes—to wear for their engagement since she felt so secure following their Fantasy Suite date, she confided in Gerry.

Leslie remarked, “I wasn’t sure what changed or what happened.”

During filming, Gerry claimed he “got caught up in moments.” “It didn’t really go wrong, Leslie; it was just better with someone else,” Gerry went on, “you were the person I thought was my person until I suddenly knew you weren’t.”


DAY OF PROPOSAL Gerry started the last leg of his journey with the intention of winning his late wife’s approval.

“I was asking Toni if this was the right thing to do when I looked towards the volcano,” Gerry said to the cameras. “I’m praying, and she’s in my prayers.”

On the day of the finale, Theresa showed up to meet Gerry, unaware that he had already eliminated Leslie. Still, she gave it all out.

Theresa said, “I know how it feels like everyone believes that love is only for the young, and to be honest, at the age of 70, I was beginning to feel that myself.” I was beginning to believe that I would be alone for the rest of my life after Billy passed away, but then I met you and saw your smile, and I was overcome with emotion. How do I feel in this situation?

“I feel like life isn’t over for us, Gerry, and the best is still to come,” she said, expressing how deeply in love she is with him.

Theresa informed Gerry that he woke up feeling “mixed.”

And I answered the questions I had been asking myself about how I had arrived at this moment. Is she the appropriate girl, too? said Gerry. And that’s when I realized you’re not the appropriate person to live with. I simply could not survive without you. I adore you unconditionally.

After that, Gerry got down on one knee and proposed to Theresa.

Gerry presented Theresa his last rose—a golden one that will never wither—when she answered “yes.”

The former NFL athlete questioned Gerry and Theresa in the studio what really changed in the Fantasy Suite for them. Theresa “knew how to maintain and nurture a relationship because of her and Billy, they had a successful 43-year marriage,” according to Gerry’s citation.
“I knocked his boots off… no, with my kisses,” Theresa slyly continued.

Theresa and Jesse wanted to be married as quickly as possible, so Jesse surprised them with a vacation to Italy, which Gerry advised they use as a honeymoon.
“At our age, we don’t have a lot of time to waste, so we’re going to do it as quickly as we can,” Gerry declared. “So yeah, we’re getting married as soon as we can organize a wedding.”
“Gerry and Theresa are getting married and guess what, we’re invited to the wedding because it will be live on ABC January 4” was the last surprise Jesse revealed.

ABC’s The Golden Wedding will premiere on January 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

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