“The Golden Bachelor Season 2: All the Latest Updates You Need to Know”

Fans of the popular ABC reality series The Golden Bachelor are wondering if there will be a second season as the show’s dramatic season finale airs!

With his hunt for love grabbing the cultural zeitgeist and garnering high ratings, 72-year-old Gerry Turner has emerged as America’s favorite senior citizen.

Following Gerry’s triumph as the inaugural Golden Bachelor, many believed it was inevitable that ABC would approve a second season with another senior male celebrity.

However, there is strong support for giving older women a shot at Golden Bachelorette season 1 instead, as Parade.com previously reported.

Learn more about a potential Golden Bachelor Season 2 by reading on.

Will there be a Golden Bachelor Season 2?

The decision to give the critically acclaimed sitcom a second season by ABC seemed obvious.

Only a few minutes into Gerry’s fantasy suites show, host Jesse Palmer made a casting announcement. He said, “Are you ready to share your senior years with someone special? Apply to be a part of The Golden Bachelor’s upcoming season. Visit ABC.com/casting right now. However, he didn’t say whether or not a bachelor or bachelorette will be the next big thing.

On Reddit, fans expressed their opinions. One said, “OH S—- CASTING FOR THE NEXT GOLDEN BACHELOR.”

Someone another said, “I GASPED.”

However, another person commented on the thread, saying, “I hope we get Golden Bachelorette next.”

What changes could happen in Golden Bachelor Season 2?

More maturity and less fancy dates are what viewers want to see!

Producers should avoid using the same Bachelor franchise “formula,” a Reddit user advised. To “go a little deeper into the important things,” this age group “deserves its own model.”

Strong suggestions were made by the critic, who wrote: “Instead of helicopter and yacht flights, have the candidates cook and shop together, choose what to watch on TV, hang blinds, and discuss current affairs. Add some flavor and authenticity.”

When Gerry finally questioned Theresa about a real-world concern, namely her successful career, during the dream suites episode, many fans were ecstatic. She was nicknamed “Girl Boss” because she transitioned from being a stay-at-home mom to a career in finance, having started out as a day trader. Gerry was quite impressed!

Who would host The Golden Bachelor Season 2?

Dependable host Jesse has been a huge supporter of Gerry during difficult times, such the episode 6 rose ceremony meltdown in which the celebrity revealed the F bomb and exclaimed, “I’m dying inside!”

We find it hard to believe Jesse won’t be returning for season 2!

When would The Golden Bachelor Season 2 air?

Tradition is important to the Bachelor business, and Gerry has created a warm and inviting atmosphere during the late September week leading up to Thanksgiving. Thus, September of next year—which is also a month associated with healthy aging—is when we estimate Golden time to begin!

But according to a Reddit user, after the normal season of The Bachelor, which premieres on January 22 and stars Joey Graziadei, 28: “It will run next summer, after Joey’s season ends.”

Could there be a Golden Bachelorette instead?

Supporters and former Gerry participants like Faith Martin, 61, have cried out for a female version. There is currently no news on the senior woman spinoff, despite producer Jason Ehrlich of Golden Bachelor making some wild speculations about it.

Leslie or Theresa, Gerry’s runners-up, would make fantastic Bachelorettes, depending on who he choose.

Another obvious possibility would be Heartbroken Faith, but producers might also choose another member of Gerry’s group, such the lovely and humorous sixty-year-old Joan Vassos or seventy-one-year-old Ellen Goltzer.

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