The Golden Bachelor’s Leslie Fhima Reveals Prince’s Passionate Love Letters: A Royal Affair Unveiled

Long before The Golden Bachelor’s Leslie Fhima was searching for love on television, she says she was having a teenage love affair with Prince.

After first revealing her relationship with the “Purple Rain” singer on the season premiere of the ABC dating show in October, Fhima, 64, further detailed how she met Prince on the latest episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.

“I was 18 and my cousin — his name is Bobby Z, he was Prince’s drummer — but before even The Revolution became a band, he was Prince’s friend,” she told hosts Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt of his connection to Prince. “They just were very good friends, like Bobby took him to get his driver’s license and all that and not only that, but my brother was his personal valet for 12 years and my sister did his makeup.”

“So, Bobby introduced us and I mean we’re the same age and we were 18 and he was amazing…” she continued. “And I’d go to his house and he’d play guitar and sing for me. And, you know, he was an amazing person and people think he’s so quiet, but he’s hysterical. He was just really funny. Again, the humor I love.”

Fhima, who was runner-up on Gerry Turner’s inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor, also claimed that she inspired Prince to write his song “Sexy Dancer,” which was released in 1979.

“I was dancing in a fashion show and Bobby brought him to the fashion show, and you know, he’s kind of like hiding behind a pole and I was coming downstairs dancing,” she recalled. “And after he goes, ‘You are a sexy dancer.’ I’m gonna write a song about you. I’m like, ‘Okay,’ so anyways, that song came out a little bit after.”

After the song came out, Fhima said she graduated high school and became a professional figure skater in the Ice Follies while “Prince started to become Prince.”

The fitness instructor looked back her experience while the musician was on tour, claiming, “Every time, you know, he’d be in a city — especially like in L.A. at the Forum — he drove the limo up that ramp, and all the girls saw me get into the limo, and then he’d be writing me these amazing letters throughout my time in the Ice Follies.”

She remembered sharing the letters — which she called “a little explicit” — with her friends in the Ice Follies.

However, she had a change of heart about her relationship with Prince during a break from the touring ice show, sharing, “I came home for Christmas break. And again, no cell phones and we had a plan to meet at a certain location at midnight.”

“And then I was at my cousin’s house at a party that was very close to this location and I kept looking at my watch and then I had an hour, it’s 11 o’clock. I got an hour, it takes me five minutes to get there,” she recalled.

“And then I see Brad, who was my first husband, across the room,” she continued. “I had known him before, but I see him and he is so handsome. And he’s got these sleepy eyes and we started talking and I’m looking at my watch. It’s 11:15, 11:30, 11:40, 11:45.”

“I had to make a game time decision. Do I stay? This could be my husband, really. Or do I go to Prince who probably [is] not going to be my husband someday? I mean, I had to make that decision. So 11:50, Whatever. And I just made that decision to stay with Brad, because I looked at him and I’m like…” she said.

Amabile chimed in, “You might be the one.”

“Yeah, I did,” she responded. “I mean, I adored Prince. But at the end of the day, you know, I knew that. I mean, I’m only 18… I have the show to go back to and then I did another show after that in Europe.”

“So, I knew that Brad would be [the right choice], he was in love with me three years prior to that,” she added. “So, you know, I made a decision and we have this amazing son Zach. And like I said, we’re friends.”

Fhima was divorced twice before appearing on The Golden Bachelor and vying for Turner’s heart. Though she made it to the fantasy suites and final episode, Turner ultimately ended things with Fhima, choosing Theresa Nist to propose to in the finale.

Bachelor Happy Hour is available on major podcast platforms.

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