“The Latest Episode of 90 Day: A Rollercoaster of Emotions with Unique Baby Names, Cast Controversies, and Insults”

On Monday, the first episode of the fifth season’s tell-all episode aired, bringing together the couples from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way as well as a number of less well-known names.

Season 5 duo Julio and Kirsten, who hadn’t been on the show since August, also appeared to update viewers on their long-distance love story. Other series alumni with “connections to the couples” included Tim Malcolm, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh, Kalani Faagata, Andrei Castravet, and Tania Maduro.

The story started in a standard tell-all manner, with the jaded couples meeting in person and digitally to share their current relationship conditions and complaints. Here’s what each couple disclosed on the first night of the tell-all, along with the implications for their relationship going ahead.

Brandan and Mary

Despite being an American citizen, Brandan was not present at the tell-all taped in New York City since he and his partner had recently welcomed a baby! The happy news that Brandan and Mary’s baby is here seemed to make them very happy.

Midnight, a girl they welcomed, has what Brandan described as “a unique name.”

Daniele and Yohan

Really, it’s over for Yohan and Daniele. The couple acknowledged that they are still apart following their dramatic Christmas breakup that was depicted on the show. Additionally, Daniele promised to reveal all if she brought receipts for Yohan’s transgressions to the meeting.

Kimberly and TJ

It hasn’t always been sunshine and butterflies for Kimberly and TJ, a married couple. Even though they were still having difficulties, they were still going strong during the filming. “It’s true that marriage stinks—nobody told me that,” Kimberly remarked in an interview. “Life with TJ’s family is just what one would anticipate. They don’t seem to be interested in hearing my viewpoint.

Nothing about their living arrangement had altered. She was still occupying the upper floor of TJ’s Indian family house. Kimberly further revealed that she had only now discovered that TJ had taken out a seven-year loan to renovate the area. She continued, saying that she “still has no idea” how much the loan offered. “I thought that I should have been informed about that,” she stated. Then TJ disclosed that it was roughly $12,000.

Kimberly stated, “In his tradition, he only promises to inform me about properties and financial decisions after marriage.”

Subsequently, Jenny and Sumit held a video conference with Kimberly and TJ to discuss their personal adjustment to living in India. Kimberly, who hasn’t been able to fully integrate into the cultural customs, received harsh criticism from Jenny. “To start with, Kimberly gave off the impression that she didn’t appreciate anything. Jenny remarked, “What she got amazed me, and she didn’t — she appreciated nothing.” Her declaring, “I detest India,” hurt my feelings.

In response to Jenny’s advice to “respect India or don’t be here,” Kimberly said, “Darling, I don’t want to.” Jenny attempted to get the final word in as Kimberly giggled at the conversation. “You are a little spoiled brat who is extremely entitled to things.”

Kimberly called Jenny a “c—” to put an end to the argument. (Later in the show, Kenny questioned Kimberly privately if she felt bad about using the statement “you should,” but Kimberly expressed “zero remorse.”)

He thought back to the time before Kimberly and TJ were married, reenacting a recent shouting fight between the two of them. He remarked, “I never saw that tension, that aggression, and that voice before that.” “It was novel to me as well.” Kimberly also thought back to another disagreement in which she told TJ, “It was time for him to stop picking on his mom’s behind.”

Holly and Wayne

Holly has returned to the United States in earnest. It had been four months since Holly left her spouse in South Africa at the time of filming the reveal.

Wayne stated, “It hasn’t been fun, that’s for sure,” as he appeared electronically. Indeed, there has been some communication loss. It’s been a little peculiar.

Julio and Kirsten

The couple was nowhere nearer to getting back together after Julio and Kirsten broke up earlier in the season when Julio decided he couldn’t leave America. Kirsten added that even though their breakup was difficult, she no longer has “hate feelings” for her boyfriend and that it was “fine” to see him online.

Julio eventually acknowledged that his choice to break up with Kirsten was motivated by “trust issues.” He accused Kirsten of cheating on him for the first time. She said, “You didn’t like that I was texting my good friend.”

“Kirsten ended up going dress shopping for this event that we had to attend when I was living there in the Netherlands. I’m wondering, “Who is this man?” until I see a picture of him in the middle of those pictures. Oh no, that’s just a friend, she thought to herself.

“They said things like, ‘Oh, I can’t wait to see you, I can’t wait to meet your family,’ when I requested her to show me the chats. They are addressing each other as “Papi” and “Mami,” for example. This is a lot, I think. There are emotions present.

In response, Kirsten sobbed and exclaimed, “He is literally a friend.” And now when you’re attempting to save yourself, you’re using this as an excuse?

When Julio played an audio tape of Kirsten that he said would demonstrate her adultery, the show ended on a cliffhanger.

Shekinah and Sarper

Shekinah had come back to the States by herself, but only to shoot scenes. Sarper and she continued to live together in Turkey, which she described as the “best relationship I’ve ever been in.” They further disclosed that, upon initiating their relationship, Shekinah made Sarper undergo an STD test as she knew he had dated almost 2,500 women. (And that was standard protocol in any relationship, for Shekinah.)

The topic of Sarper’s body type rules—which he had previously discussed by having him weigh his American girlfriend—came up. He claimed that since “she’s in good form right now,” this is not a habit at the moment. “I’m a control freak,” he went on. She should consume whatever I desire.

“And he’s excited to have somebody that is submissive,” Shekinah continued.

Sarper and Shekinah conversed by voice memo while they were separated. Shekinah claimed that her lover had texted her “how to behave today, how to look, you know, what to eat” on the morning of the reveal.

Shekinah described Sarper’s rigorous relationship as “loving and endearing,” despite the rest of the actors rolling their eyes and expressing anxiety. As an illustration, she played a voice note from Sarper that said, “Hello [darling], today don’t contour and don’t wear a dark lipstick.” Your lips appear larger. Maintain a straight posture. Mwah. Don’t overindulge in carbohydrates at lunch today. Please show it to me if they give you any options. Forward it to me. I’ll make the decision for you.

“It’s all good advice, reasonable though,” Shekinah insisted.

“It almost feels like manipulation,” Kenny objected. “I see him as my leader and he’s leading us,” Shekinah shot back.

“I know that she likes to be controlled,” Sarper replied. Her character is what it is, and mine is dominating. Thus, we are a fantastic fit.

Daniele gave a brief comment. “It seems that you are dealing with a pair of individuals who have extremely severe toxic traits, but they have chosen to love each other despite their shared toxic characteristics.”

Shekinah refuted Sarper’s expectation that she would be “perfect.” However, a different voice could be heard off-screen, saying, “It seems like he’s grooming you.”

The disclosure also disclosed that Shekinah had a “falling-out” with her sister Shariyah and had stopped communicating with her. The sister sent a video message to play but chose not to participate on the show. “I haven’t seen anything from Sarper that makes me think that he is an honest person, so I don’t think he is a good partner for you,” the woman stated. “He doesn’t respect you at all. He doesn’t regard ladies at all. It is not the type of person you wish to surround yourself with.

She also said, “I feel like anything that I could say to you, you’re not going to be able to process it because you haven’t developed mentally yet,” to Sarper in a brief conversation.

Shekinah gave viewers an update on her relationship with her entire family. Yes, I have ended my relationship with her. My family is really bad. They are as unsupportive as they can be. Since the broadcast, I haven’t even spoken to any of my family members. Shekinah continued, “It does suck that my family is now, you know, basically not in my life,” as other people voiced concern for her seclusion.

Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on TLC is when 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs.

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