Unveiling the Traitors: A Sneak Peek into ‘The Traitors’ Season 2

If Season 1 taught us anything, it’s that you want to be a Traitor. The Traitors are returning for Season 2. Cirie Fields, who was labeled a traitor at the first Roundtable, won easily in Season 1 and took home the $250,000 reward. The Traitors control a far larger portion of the game than the Faithfuls and are automatically safe from half of the eliminations because they get to choose who gets killed each week. The bodies began to pile up after host Alan Cumming named this year’s Traitors—or at least some of them—in the Season 2 premiere. What is known about the Season 2 Traitors is as follows:

Who are the Traitors on The Traitors Season 2?

Dan Gheesling

It seemed evident that the Big Brother mastermind would be a traitor. During his two seasons on the CBS series, he undoubtedly engaged in a lot of calculated backstabbing, and he returned to The Traitors to continue playing a cunning game. But as of Episode 3, it seems like the Faithful might be scheming.

Phaedra Parks

Alongside Dan, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star was identified as one of the first two Traitors. Although she is no stranger to fighting, the cast seems to believe that the Housewives lack the cunning necessary to be a traitor, despite the fact that her game has been considerably more understated thus far.

Parvati Shallow

Dan and Phaedra were tasked with choosing the third person in their cabal in Episode 1. This Survivor legend was their choice. She has only been implicated in one murder thus far, but she is also operating undercover and appears to be the most astute of the three.

How were the Traitors selected on The Traitors Season 2?

During the first Roundtable in Season 1, Alan Cumming chose all three of the initial Traitors. In Season 2, Alan chose Phaedra and Dan, but he also gave them the go-ahead to choose their third member. Parvati, who joined them in Episode 2, was their choice. Later in the game, they could be able to draft another Traitor, but that hasn’t occurred in the first three episodes.

Who have the Traitors murdered on The Traitors Season 2?

Just two victims have been killed by the Traitors thus far: Johnny Bananas in Episode 2 and Marcus Jordan in Episode 3. But the fourth episode will see the arrival of a third victim.

Which Traitors remain on The Traitors Season 2?

Since none of the three traitors have been expelled, they are all still present in the game. They are as follows:

Dan Gheesling
Phaedra Parks
Parvati Shallow

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