‘The Voice’ Season 24 Recap: Unveiling the Top 9 Contestants and Eliminations

Tonight’s first results show for season 24 of The Voice began with the Top 12 finding out which three of them would be returning home and which nine of them would be continuing forward.

The members of the Top 12 are: Gwen Stefani’s BIAS, Kara Tenae, and Tanner Massey; Niall Horan’s Huntley, Mara Justine, and Nini Iris; coach John Legend’s Azán, Lila Forde, and Mac Royals; and Reba McEntire’s Jacquie Roar, Jordan Rainer, and Ruby Leigh.

The last four artists had to sing in the Instant Save for America’s second vote after the Top 8 artists were automatically selected. This is how the results were determined.

Who Was Eliminated on The Voice tonight

Kara Tenae

Tanner Massey

Who Made It Through to The Voice Top 9


Jacquie Roar

Jordan Rainer

Lila Forde

Mac Royals

Mara Justine

Ruby Leigh

Here’s how the night broke down:

Gwen opened the evening with a performance of her newest hit, “True Babe.”

Afterwards, host Carson Daly called the Top 12 to the stage and announced the first three artists who were safe: Mac Royals, BIAS, and Ruby Leigh.

Following some small talk, Carson revealed Lila Forde and Mara Justine as the next two safe artists.

During the entertainment interval, Reba sang her new song, “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” which touched a raw nerve with her other judges before more results were revealed.

After Carson revealed that the last three artists—Huntley, Jacquie Roar, and Nini Iris—would automatically advance, the remaining seven contestants returned to the stage to find out their fate.

Thus, in order to receive the Instant Save, Tanner, Jordan, Kara, and Azán had to all sing.

Jordan opened the show with Patty Loveless’s energetic song “Blame It On Your Heart.”

“I don’t understand how Jordan is in this situation,” Niall remarked. That was an outstanding effort in terms of consistency.

Reba replied, “I completely concur.” If she returns home tonight, that is a shame. You have put in a tonne of work. Your character is ideal for America.

Azán came in second, singing Ariana Grande’s “No Tears Left to Cry.”

“It always makes me so sad to see some of your former team members in this role,” Niall stated. That song was amazing.

“What an amazing journey Azán has had on this show,” John exclaimed. I believe that America will vote for Azán because of his tenacity and amazing personality.

Tanner came in third with Extreme’s “More Than Words.”

“There was a little tuning [issue],” stated Gwen. I think you’re really talented. It’s incredibly genuine of you to come out here at the age of 19, and your tone is so lovely. You have your entire life ahead of you, and this is just one point in time. That music is amazing.

Kara’s last performance was of “Love Takes Time” by Mariah Carey.

Gwen remarked, “That was absurd.” I’m going to leave the stage if Americans don’t cast their votes. That was really lovely. That was just amazing.

After voting, the results were tallied, and Jordan Rainer emerged victorious in the Instant Save competition.

NBC will air the Voice semifinals on Monday, December 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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