TikTok Sensation Ellie Zeiler’s Relationship with Jules LeBlanc’s Former Flame, Will Liner

Ellie Zeiler, a popular user on TikTok, has taken a break from the spotlight while she gradually introduces her new partner, Will Liner, also known as William Liner.

On Sunday, January 14, 2024, Zeiler posted a photo of Liner, the ex-boyfriend of Jules LeBlanc, a popular TikTok user. Liner was seen strolling along a walkway in what seemed to be a botanical garden.

Liner was wearing a white sweatshirt with the words “Hug Your Homie” printed in blue across the back. He was sporting green champagne pink jeans and a black side bag.

Liner’s identity was verified when he shared the image on his Instagram story shortly after, even though his face was obscured. Similarly, Zeiler has never before highlighted her new partner on Instagram or any other social media platform.


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Nevertheless, word was getting out that there was a relationship between the two. Zeiler’s most recent Instagram images has been receiving modest remarks from Liner. The TikTok celebrity had also followed the two Instagram accounts of her new partner.

The astute internet users wondered whether Zeiler and Liner were dating as a result of this. It has now been verified. The couple hasn’t yet revealed how they met, how their romance began, or how long they have been dating, though.

Zeiler had a romantic involvement with Julian Kemper before to dating Liner. Zeiler and Richie are in the same social group, and Kemper’s sister Tess is closest friends with Sofia Richie, which is how they first met.

The two remained together until September 2023, having started dating around in the middle of 2023. However, it is official that Zeiler and Liner are no longer together, since they are currently dating. Their current reason for splitting and the exact moment of their breakup are unknown.

Liner, on the other hand, wants to be a photographer. He is a college student attending the University of Southern California Iovine and Young Academy, also known as USC Iovine and Young Academy, according to his bio on his primary Instagram account.

He currently has two Instagram accounts—one public and the other private, as was previously revealed. With 24,400 followers, his public Instagram account is @will.liner. His website and private Instagram account both showcase his photography.

Regarding his romantic life, he has previously been involved with Jules LeBlanc, a fellow TikTok celebrity. Few specifics about the two’s private connection are available. They reportedly started dating in the middle of 2023 and were together until August of the same year.

When LeBlanc was in Paris, she used to post vlogs in which she explained her lover, a photographer, in little details. She once exclaimed, “Boyfriend of the year got this,” while pointing to a baked good in the Paris subway.


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She later gave her boyfriend’s name out by mistake, which made their relationship public. Following that, they started to talk more openly about their romance by making endearing remarks on each other’s Instagram pictures.

Nevertheless, given that they finally broke up, it appears that they weren’t intended to be together for very long. When the two made the decision to part ways is currently unknown. Moreover, they haven’t made their split and the reason behind it public.

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